3 Quick Ways to Save Time in MapAnything

By: Alyssa Aiello, Client Engagement Manager

There are a million different ways that you can tailor MapAnything to reflect your corporate environment, all of which make day-to-day use of the app more seamless and beneficial. To make your life, and your specific use of MapAnything easier, however, we also have a few simple tricks to suggest. Not only will these three basic functions accelerate your daily efforts in MapAnything but the setup for each will take no longer than 2 minutes to complete. What are we waiting for…let’s begin!

Setting a Default View is ideal for users that tend to work in a certain region or territory. This feature allows you to designate the view of the map you would like to see automatically, upon logging in. Not only will this save you time but keep you agile in your specified region, as well.  Step-by-Step Instructions >>

Creating a Favorite Location is essential if you tend to visit certain sites or accounts frequently. In addition, you can easily set a favorite, or default, location as the start and/or end location of your route. Step-by-Step Instructions >>

Select a marker layer to “Plot on Load.” In this hectic day and age, it is common want of  technology users to have an application load quickly and have their desired information automatically populated. With MapAnything in particular, you have that option when you utilize our “Plot on Load” feature for Marker Layers and Shape Layers.  Step-by-Step Instructions >>

The tips themselves may seem really basic, but the impact they will have on your daily efficiency level will be immense. Happy mapping!

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