Becoming Geo-Productive, On the Go

MapAnything University

Course 301 - Learn About MapAnything Mobile
Wednesday, April 12 | 11 AM EST
30 Minutes

Best Practices, Tips and Tricks for MapAnything Mobile

By: Julie Surman, Enterprise Client Success Manager

No matter where you’re headed next, MapAnything Mobile is the app you’ll want in your arsenal! We know Where Matters, so we have developed a ton of quick and easy features, on our mobile platform, that will help you maximize face-time with clients and ultimately drive more revenue. Whether you’re an experienced MapAnything mobile user or relatively new, there are always new tricks to uncover that we, your client success team, are here to help you utilize.

To take advantage of all the following tips, please ensure you have access to the MapAnything Mobile on your device.

To gain access:
Simply download the Salesforce1 app from the iTunes AppStore or Android Marketplace and log in. Tap the MapAnything tab and the version that opens will be MapAnything Mobile.*

Set Visible Area
Set a Visible Area

Setting a visible area gives you visibility into the accounts that you need to focus on, those close to where you are, and not the entire map. As we all have experienced, our smartphones have limited visual real estate, therefore we need to maximize what we see.

Turn on Traffic
Turn Traffic On

By turning traffic on, you ensure you are always viewing real-time traffic conditions, and receiving the most efficient driving instructions and routing suggestions possible.

Voice Command Directions
Utilize Voice Command Turn-by-Turn Directions

When using voice command turn-by-turn directions, MapAnything will automatically open and transfer you to Google Maps or Apple Maps to get easy-to-execute, verbal directions. That way you never even have to look down at your phone. Safety and efficiency, all rolled into one!

For more helpful MapAnything Mobile tips, like searching and adding POI to a route and navigation, sign up for our 30-minute MAU 301 course on Wednesday, April 12. Let’s get geo-productive!

*If you experience any difficulties throughout the process, please ensure that your Salesforce Admin has enabled the Salesforce1 app setting in your organization.