Cardella Waste Builds a Greener Tomorrow with MapAnything Live

MapAnything Geo-Productivity Software Helps Waste Management Leader Track and Optimize Trucks with IoT

By: MapAnything Marketing Team

Serving the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area, Cardella Waste Services leads the construction and waste management industries in technology, customer support, and innovative recycling. Through its state-of-the-art recycling and consulting services, Cardella Waste Services’ mission is to create a greener tomorrow.

Evaluating the Process

Cardella is not your typical waste company. It has 10,000 trucks zooming throughout New York and New Jersey, hauling debris from thousands of dumpsters from job sites back to its facility where it sorts out recyclable materials. Managing logistics for all of those expensive assets across congested travel routes used to require heaps of paperwork. Often, critical information would get lost in the inefficient process.

Cardella turned to Salesforce and MapAnything to begin consolidating information and automating their manual processes to keep up with their company growth and fast-paced itineraries.

The Solution

MapAnything’s map-based representations completely changed the way Cardella does business. Suddenly, thousands of assets came clearly into view and the team was able to answer the basic but critical question of where Cardella trucks and dumpsters were at any given time. Cardella’s use case is perfect for MapAnything Live, an integrated vehicle telematics solution that enables IoT workflow inside of Salesforce. With MapAnything Live, visuals, street views, and real-time traffic updates made Cardella’s information and workflows come to life.  

With MapAnything Live, Cardella no longer has to manually change the status of work orders. Interactions are geocoded so as soon as drivers leave locations, their project status changes automatically in the system. These new efficiencies translate into labor cost savings and less exposure of Cardella assets, reducing risk and related insurance costs.
Every employee uses MapAnything Live, including the truck drivers. All accounts, sites, dumpsters, and assets are on one customized screen, so employees can create better workflows. The leadership team can assign work orders, drivers can recommend more efficient routes, or contact customers directly from one screen. By getting more work done with fewer trucks, Cardella is able to spend more time giving its customers over the top service.
MapAnything completely changed the way we do business. It looked like it was just too good to be true…We were able to became an on-demand service because of MapAnything Live.Joseph Cardella, Sr. Vice President at Cardella Waste & Westside Environmental

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