It’s Game On for March Map-ness

Webinar on March 16

MapAnything's Map Mashup:
March Map-ness Edition
8am PT / 11am ET

By: Aubrey Resech, Digital Marketing Manager

Alongside productivity, competition is king this month! And there’s no better place to score non-stop actionable insights than at our March Map-ness Tournament, featuring a live showdown between Route Planner, MapAnything Live and Premium Data Layers. The game tips off Thursday, March 16 at 11 am EST.

The teams are shaping up nicely for this quarterly product showcase and our captains are almost ready to take the “field.” Which team will you be pulling for? It’s a choice we hope you won’t take lightly as our webinar audience will be responsible for voting and determining the champion of this unique event. Here’s a little more background information, before you make your decision.

Team Route Planner

Alex Hoang | Team Captain and Solution Engineer

What makes you think your team has the strategy to beat?

“As our team lead for Route Planner, it was a no brainer that I should demo it for March Map-ness. I’m passionate about the tool because I’ve been a field sales rep before and I know how grueling the planning process can be. Route Planner eliminates this challenge for sales reps, who can instead wake up each day knowing exactly where they need to go to hit their numbers. Teams with various functions and companies across numerous verticals are also able to maximize efficiency with Route Planner, as a result of its built in flexibility.”

Team MapAnything Live

Jared Thompson | Team Captain and Solution Engineer

Why do you feel your team has the skills needed to dominate?

“MapAnything Live is far and away my favorite MapAnything product. One of the biggest, and most common, appeals of MapAnything is that everyone loves a map…they love to see where things are. More specifically, they love to see where they are, and they love to see where people they know are. When Google Streetview came out, everyone immediately looked up their own house, and then the houses of their friends and family. MapAnything Live appeals to that same principle: you can see where everyone is – in real time. Not only is it just cool, it is also highly valuable for any companies that have assets in the field. This includes technicians or field service reps or sales people. On top of that, it helps automate vehicle maintenance and fleet management.”

Team Premium Data Layers

Cam Simmons | Team Captain and Solution Engineer

Why do you feel your team is a slam dunk for the championship?

“Although I am a proud advocate of anything and everything MapAnything, I do have to throw the majority of my excitement behind one of our newer offerings, our Premium Data Layers. Not only are these layers presented in an easy-to-use format, they also offer sales and service reps a powerful way to generate new leads while they’re in the field. With the ability to filter and query based on a variety of characteristics, pertaining to either US Business Data or US Property Data, this supplementary data allows customers to see the right data, in close proximity.”

It’s sure to be a race to the buzzer and a helpful overview of three MapAnything revenue drivers! If you haven’t reserved your front row seat yet, we encourage you to register today. See you there!

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