What is Geo-Productivity Software?

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By: MapAnything Marketing Team

In this day and age, everyone and everything is always on the move. Whether we’re driving to and from work, checking email on our smartphones at the grocery store or listening to a podcast on our tablets while waiting in line at the DMV. Businesses have had to adapt to accommodate the demands of the increasingly mobile consumer in order to remain competitive. Understandably, for some, this has proven challenging.

However, what has been a convoluted hurdle, is now about to become a catalyzing asset. The only requirement, for this easy-to-execute transformation, is Geo-Productivity Software (GPS).

Defining GPS

Geo Productivity Software is designed for field sales and service teams. More than simple geo location or route optimization software, GPS combines geo location services with Salesforce data so sales professionals can prioritize sales visits and optimize travel between meetings. With GPS, field sales and services professionals can spend more time selling face-to-face and less time traveling.

Because GPS is integrated with CRM, sales professionals schedule the right meetings, at the right time, to drive the most revenue. Sophisticated route planning capabilities consider traffic, weather and other factors to reduce travel between meetings. GPS takes the guess work out of field sales planning.

GPS Drives Results

There are six essential capabilities to look for in GPS solutions:

  1. Sales activity should be automatically prioritized by revenue potential
  2. The ability to optimize field sales and service productivity
  3. More accurate territory control and visibility
  4. Prioritized customer visits for greater customer loyalty
  5. Simplified compliance through automation
  6. Integration within CRM enables accuracy and geo productivity within the sales workflow

How to Become Geo-Productive

It’s pretty straightforward. Download our ebook, “Geo Productivity Software – A New Paradigm for Driving Field Sales Results,” to get started. Then, sign up for our GPS webinar (details and registration coming soon) and schedule a MapAnything Demo. The revenue you seek is within your reach, you just need the correct tools to find it…where matters!