Got GPS?


By: Brian Bachofner, CMO

I’m talking about Geo Productivity Software (GPS). The challenge of getting to the right customers, at the right time can be the difference between whether you make or miss your number. Whether you’re a CEO of a growing company, the VP of Sales or Field Service, or the Sales Enablement manager, sales productivity depends on face-to-face relationships. As such, one of our primary goal can be summed up in making field sales and service more effective and efficient in their role.

A global survey of 2300 Harvard Business Review subscribers found that 95% of respondents feel that face to face meetings are key to successful long term relationships, and 89% agree that face to face meetings are essential for “sealing the deal”.

A related study found that for salespeople who achieve 100% of quota or higher, most have close relationships with clients and feel responsible for ensuring client success.HBR, 12/2016

Earlier this month, we announced our Series B round of funding. This funding is an important milestone, and a great accomplishment for MapAnything, our customers, and the products that are the heart of our company. This funding allows us to continue to be an innovator and leader in geo productivity software, because where matters. Beyond simple mapping technology, MapAnything helps your field team get to your most valuable customers, efficiently and productively. The result is better performance and higher results.

The MapAnything Geo Productivity software (GPS) is integral to our 1400+ customers worldwide. With MapAnything, teams that use Salesforce can increase revenue, drive productivity, gain better territory control and visibility while driving customer loyalty. MapAnything is built within the CRM or service workflow, simplifying reporting, data entry and improving accuracy of CRM.

In the coming months, you’ll hear a lot more about GPS, and about how we’re using it to drive results for organizations that embrace it. I hope you’ll continue to watch this space and to sound off with ideas and observations about how you’re using geo productivity software. Because, we believe that where matters.

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