The vehicle telematics and asset tracking solution for Salesforce.

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Transform Salesforce into your business command center.

MapAnything Live is an add-on to MapAnything that enables real-world asset tracking in Salesforce. The solution provides unprecedented business process automation using real-time sensor information in combination with Salesforce records and business rules.

Cardella Waste uses MapAnything Live


  • Fleet Management

    • Track and manage vehicle assets in Salesforce.
    • Monitor fleet costs and expenses
    • Receive maintenance, safety alerts
    • Create IFTA fuel tax reports

    Field Service

    • Transform Salesforce into a Business Operations Center.
    • Dispatch resources from a map
    • Automate time-on-site reporting and billing
    • Generate optimized routes

    Field Sales

    • Save time with automated activity logging.
    • Log sales visits automatically
    • Provide daily activity reports to management
    • Track accurate mileage for reimbursement

    Integrated Hardware and Software

    MapAnything Live telematics hardware can be configured to install on almost any vehicle, field asset, or powered equipment.

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    MapAnything Live Availability

    Need to track employees, not vehicles?

    The MapAnything Live Availability app turns any smartphone into a mobile tracking device.

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