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Transform any smartphone into a Salesforce-integrated tracking device

MapAnything Live Availability is the ultimate field productivity app, perfect for field teams and contract employees. The app enables location tracking and automated activity logging from a smartphone.

See your team’s locations in real time, track mileage automatically, simplify & automate activity logging, use geofences to trigger actions in Salesforce, and enable single-click record updates.


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    How it Works with MapAnything Live

    MapAnything Live is an add-on to MapAnything that enables Internet of Things (IoT) workflow inside Salesforce. It is the only integrated vehicle telematics solution available in Salesforce.

    The MapAnything Live Availability app communicates data to the MapAnything Live Cloud, which stores the massive volume of data, keeping your Salesforce org’s storage uncluttered. You can easily access Live data using MapAnything for Salesforce.

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