Map Insights: Top Three Customer Questions, Answered

By: Mike Jones, Product Support Team Lead

Welcome to our new monthly blog series, where we will answer and address the top three inquiries from our customers from the previous month!

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” Now while we agree with Tony Robbins about asking questions, we do not agree that you always have to ask “better” questions. Here at MapAnything, we believe all questions are important when learning how to adopt and use our app. So here are the top three questions asked by our customers in March.

Great question! The marker layer that is available on your desktop is also available on your mobile device, however, when it appears differently on your mobile map it is because you have “Visible Area” enabled. To make your Marker Layer appear the same on mobile, as it does on desktop, simply switch off the toggle for “Visible Area.”
If an address is not plotting on the map it could be because you have input additional information in the address fields. For example: take a left at the blue house, 3rd floor, etc. If the address does not plot on the Google map, on the record in Salesforce, then it more than likely will not plot in MapAnything. If you find that a marker is not plotting on the map, take a moment to review your address field, and its content, and correct any obscure text that could be preventing it from plotting.

MapAnything is absolutely compatible with Salesforce Lightning.

Three great questions – one awesome month. What will April bring? Stay tuned for more questions and answers next month!