MapAnything Express is made for small to medium sized businesses.

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No Salesforce? No problem.

MapAnythingExpress is made for small to medium sized businesses and is the ultimate replacement for paper/wall maps, spreadsheets, BatchGeo, Microsoft MapPoint, and Streets & Trips.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! MapAnythingExpress enables you to save, access, and map all customer and prospect information as well as business data. You can also create routes + schedules, manage sales activities, and identify new prospects. Best of all – it is easy to use!

Whether you are on the road or sitting at your desk, you can use MapAnythingExpress to drive revenue, lower costs, and boost productivity.

MapAnythingExpress is built on® and combines a custom reporting engine with the power of Google Maps and Google search. It can be accessed from any computer or mobile device using a web browser. Sign up for a custom demo today!

Starts at $80 / user / month
2 user minimum

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  • Why Small Businesses Love MapAnythingExpress

    Map & Assign Territories

    Outline & assign your territories using zip codes, counties, states/provinces and countries. Or, use the drawing tool to create custom territories.

    Display Customers by Status, Sales Volume or Services Purchased

    Map all of your accounts & color map markers by products & services purchased, sales volume, sales person & more.

    Monitor Activities

    View prospects and customers by last activity date to prioritize meetings and calls.
    Use check-in/ check-out functions to automatically track activities in the field.

    Search for Businesses by Location & Identify New Prospects

    Find new prospects directly from the map using Google search. View contact information, hours of operation, website and more.

    View Sales Wins & Losses and Monitor Your Competitors

    Get a real-time visual display of market share by zip code, continent & everything in between.

    Map Transit Routes with Live Traffic & Weather

    Optimize your schedule by routing the shortest travel distances & times based on traffic & weather. Less windshield time = more work done.


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      Live, Unlimited Geocoding with Worldwide Coverage

    • Connector.


      Easy-to-Use Reporting & Search Functionality

    • Connector.

      Map Types

      Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain, & Google Street Views

    • Connector.

      Work from the Map

      Log calls, send emails, update records

    • Connector.

      Map Markers & Legends

      Custom Map Markers, Heat Maps, & Dynamic Legends

    • Connector.

      User Permissions

      Grant or Restrict User Access, Enable Folder Sharing

    • Connector.

      Data Layers

      Premium Data Layers, Weather & Traffic, Census Data

    • Connector.

      Access & Update Records from the Map

      Log Calls, Update Records, Send Emails

    • Connector.

      Route Planning & Management

      Time-Based Route Optimization, Turn-by-Turn Directions

    • Connector.

      Points of Interest Search

      Google Search Functionality for Prospecting

    • Connector.

      Shape Layers

      Provinces, Zip Codes, Time Zones, & Countries, & Custom

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      Language, Locality, and Date Support for 16 Languages


    Starts at $80 / user / month

    • Minimum of two Licenses (one administrator license and one user license)
    • additional licenses cost $80 / user / month
    • annual subscription required
    • billing occurs annually


    MapAnything Express is intended for small to medium sized businesses that do not use Salesforce (or any CRM). It is a standalone mapping application that is built on the platform, which is powered by Salesforce.
    You’ll be up and running in no time. MapAnything Express works on any browser (however, we recommend you use Chrome). Once you are given your login credentials – all you need to do is upload your data using the data loader.
    With MapAnything Express – you can plot up to 30,000 map markers (at that point the browser begins to experience issues.)
    Absolutely. All MapAnything premium data layers are available on MapAnything Express.
    To upload your data, it needs to be saved in a comma separated values file (CSV). If your data is in Microsoft Excel, re-save the file and be sure to change the file format to CSV (in the pull down menu). If your data is in Google Sheets – select CSV when you are downloading it.
    Yes, MapAnything Express works on any mobile browser.
    Yes, you can update your data from the map or in the record itself.
    Yes, Google is our mapping provider.  Click here to see map coverage details by country.
    MapAnything Express is a application that is powered by utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today.  Click here for details.
    MapAnything Express requires an administrator license and a user license. There is a two license minimum. 

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