MapAnything University


These training classes are open to all MapAnything clients. It’s never too late (or too early) to learn how to get the most out of MapAnything, so register today!

MapAnything 101: The Fundamentals of MapAnything

Learn the basics of MapAnything! In this course, we'll review what MapAnything is, how to navigate MapAnything on a desktop or mobile device, how to plot your Salesforce data on a map, and how to take action and run your whole sales and service process from MapAnything.

MapAnything 102: Using MapAnything on a Mobile Device

Take your MapAnything knowledge into the field with MapAnything Mobile! In this course, we'll dive into the mobile experience and explain how to access saved marker layers, routes, and schedules on the go, and how to fill cancellations and open times in your day with new appointments.

MapAnything 201: Map Your Salesforce Data with Marker Layers

Learn how to view the Salesforce data you want to see on a map! In this course, we'll discuss how to filter your Salesforce data, select marker colors and shapes, and add advanced marker layer settings to create your very own MapAnything marker layers.

MapAnything 202: Plan Your Day with Routes and Schedule

Learn how to boost your productivity with MapAnything Routes and Schedule! In this course, we'll discuss which MapAnything planning tool is right for you, and review how to create new routes and manage your calendar to cut down on your driving time so you can spend more of your day with customers.

MapAnything 301: Monthly Elective Course

Each month, one of our Enterprise Client Success Managers hosts a different featured elective course, highlighting unique use cases from the MapAnything Customer Community. In this course, we'll discuss interesting applications for MapAnything, features you may be overlooking, and occasionally offer sneak peaks of new functionality!

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