MapAnything US Business Data

Unlock location-based prospecting and lead generation in Salesforce with the MapAnything US Business Data Layer.

Find new customers anywhere in the US with access to nearly 100 fields* of data for over 12 million companies. Create new Salesforce records and build sales routes and call or mailing lists.


*Data field availability varies; some fields not available for some businesses


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  • Benefits

    Access comprehensive business insight within the most powerful sales acceleration tool.

    • Identify new leads
    • Find new customers near your existing accounts
    • Import records to your Salesforce database
    • Track business & industry trends in your territory
    • Build targeted B2B mailing lists


    Combine US Business Data with Click2CreateTM to enable unprecedented location-based prospecting.


    Dataset includes:

    • Phone & Contact Information
    • Total Sales & Credit Rating
    • Estimated Expenses by Category
    • Number of Employees
    • Business Description & Industry
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    Locate your ideal sales targets and add them to Salesforce with the click of a button.

    MapAnything US Business Data Use Cases

    Prospecting & Lead Generation

    Find new customers. Target them by location, sales volume, industry, business expenses, number of employees, and more.

    Build Mailing Lists

    Generate targeted mailing lists with contact names and complete addresses.

    Build Routes

    Create targeted routes for reps or enable them to build their own.

    Estimate Market Share

    Compare your accounts and opportunity wins and losses to the number of target businesses in any area.

    Create Call Lists

    Create targeted call lists for reps or enable them to create call lists.

    Plan & Execute Events

    Select locations for events and events to attend based on the types of businesses in the area.


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