#MapGem Series: It’s All About Shape Layers

By: Alyssa Aiello, Customer Marketing Manager

First, let me start by defining what we consider to be a #MapGem. Let’s break down the term. Most of us understand and accept the idea that there are a wide variety of precious stones in the world, all of which are typically beautiful and innately valuable. Some are used in more practical applications whereas others, for merely decorative embellishment. Each fulfills a specific, and oftentimes helpful, purpose.

Here at MapAnything, we constantly acquire and develop helpful insights, tips and shortcuts (or “gems”) that we know would greatly help our clients and prospects to better understand the power of our app. It is these #MapGems that we look forward to sharing with you throughout this blog series. We hope you find them helpful as you continue to explore MapAnything for your business.

So let me kickoff the first post, in our #MapGem series, by diving a little deeper into the capabilities of my favorite MapAnything feature…shape layers!

As a MapAnything user, you will find that creating a shape layer is very similar to creating a marker layer. However, instead of plotting data on a map, a shape layer provides a visual boundary which outlines some sort of predetermined territory on the map.

One of the most beneficial aspects about MapAnything’s shape layers feature is that you are able to customize the color, name and opacity level for the shape. This flexibility allows you to control the look and design of your map. After all, you know best how to visually depict and analyze your data for your specific business model, so that the maximum actionable insights may be produced.

Utilizing a shape layer also makes your interactions with the map more visually dynamic because it enables you to geographically see your strategy unfold, while you’re attempting to grow or maintaining your customer base.

If I haven’t sold you on the benefits of using shape layers in MapAnything yet, I invite you to schedule a custom demo, where we can tailor the presentation to your specific use case. I hope our first #MapGem has piqued your interest and illuminated the potential of GPS (Geo-Productivity Software). Be on the lookout for our next #MapGem!