March Map-ness Play-by-Play

By: Aubrey Resech, Digital Marketing Manager

The final buzzer sounded at approximately 11:20 a.m. last Thursday, March 16, signaling the end of our first-ever March Map-ness Tournament! It was a competitive showdown of product vs. product and feature vs. feature and only one would come out the ultimate champion.

Challenged with a 5-minute presentation time limit, it was up to each of our Team Captains – Cam Simmons, Alex Hoang and Jared Thompson – to demo their favorite MapAnything product and earn the vote of our live audience members. Having chosen such robust offerings like Premium Data Layers, Route Planner and MapAnything Live, these three had their work cut out for them.

However, each team soared through their prospective “quarter” with ease, while delivering informative data and helpful use case examples. In the end, Cam Simmons and Team Data Layers pulled ahead and snagged the March Map-ness title!

Here are a few game changing moments from the
highlights reel:

First we heard from Alex Hoang who, having lived in six states in the last six years, proved just how much on-the-go individuals can benefit from optimized, multi-day routing and directions. He lead us through an interactive demo of our newest product, Route Planner, while relaying the levels of efficiency that could be reached, as well as the tool’s built-in flexibility. And with the help of Route Planner, all the March Madness merchandise he described in his use case was able to be delivered on time!

Then, Jared Thompson stepped onto center court, initiating the charge for MapAnything Live! After revealing his favorite movie as Space Jam, Jared lead the audience through a jam of his own, detailing the limitless potential of MapAnything Live’s process automation and fleet management functionality. Everyone started moving to the beat when the app allowed the cable service provider in his use case, to dispatch field technicians in time for everyone to catch the tip off of March Madness.

And, although some may have deemed his high school church basketball championship win an unfair advantage, Cam Simmons lead Team Data Layers to victory through his thoughtful demonstration of the product’s lead generation capabilities and querying power. The impact of Premium Data Layers was also fully realized through Cam’s use case of selling energy efficient solutions and equipping field sales reps with a mobile prospecting database. Congrats, Cam!

Next up…save the date for our summer Map Mashup, “Where in the World” edition, on Thursday, June 15 at 11 a.m. ET. Reserve your spot by signing up today!