March Mapness: The Breakdown

Webinar on March 16

MapAnything's Map Mashup:
March Mapness Edition
8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET

Getting to Know the Players & Their Approaches

By: Aubrey Resech, Digital Marketing Manager

March 16 is almost upon us and so is this highly anticipated competition! Teams Route Planner, MapAnything Live and Premium Data Layers are all making the final tweaks to their strategies and finalizing their starting line-ups.

We caught up with each of the team captains to learn a little bit more about their favorite plays to run and the clutch moves they use to execute.

Team Route Planner

Team Captain –
Alex Hoang, Service Engineer

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Company – Busy season hit early and lead to goods being delivered late and at varying intervals.
Limited resources, both personnel and technology-wise, resulted in:

  • Reps spending too many hours planning, as their assigned territories included a large number of accounts
  • Uneven distribution of visits and deliveries – some key accounts were serviced too often and growth accounts too little, while others were not visited at all
  • Issues with technology adoption – no one wanted to burden field reps with more to learn & manage
Route Planner was built on Salesforce – that means the reps could utilize all the information already in their CRM without having to provide extra input. Route Planner virtually eliminated the planning process for the reps by allowing them to simply execute the route templates and guidelines designated by their management team. The templates were configured to also offer reps automated suggestions on the best way to work their territory. Route Planner will even adjust their routes for them based on ad-hoc changes, high-volume traffic, visit cancellations, etc.

Team MapAnything Live

Team Captain –
Jared Thompson, Service Engineer

Cable Company – March Madness led to a rapid increase in people ordering cable service.
To meet the new demand, the company identified the following needs:

  • Greater efficiency in dispatching for installs/repairs (i.e. Where is the nearest tech?)
  • Better visualization of installation windows so that more accurate time estimates for customers could be provided (i.e. How far away is the client’s assigned tech?)
  • More effective fleet management (i.e. fewer trucks out of commission and in the shop)
MapAnything Live to the rescue! By providing better visibility of work orders (both installs and repairs) in relation to live technician location, the client was able to more efficiently dispatch and route technicians. This resulted in more accurate arrival time estimates, and higher grades on customer satisfaction surveys. Additionally, automated maintenance notifications ensured that the highest amount of trucks were available during the peak of March Madness season.

Team Premium Data Layers

Team Captain –
Cam Simmons, Service Engineer

Roofing Contractor – By the end of the year, all generated prospects had been qualified, converted, and serviced or scheduled.
The contractor needed a quick source of new leads, but was concerned about the following:

  • Some data sources don’t take into account location, reps or business model
  • Information acquired can sometimes be static and therefore outdated
  • Importing data into Salesforce can be tedious and difficult to manage
Premium Data Layers are, at their core, map-based. This meant the roofing contractor could count on lead location always being a component provided. Once he found out the data sources were also live and regularly updated, he could be confident that he had the most up-to-date and accurate data to base his business decisions upon. Perhaps the most appealing benefit though, was Premium Data Layers’ Click2Create capability. With it he had the choice to upload the new lead records one-by-one or en masse, whichever method he deemed would save him more time in the end.

If you haven’t had a chance to lock-in your seat, we encourage you to do so today!

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