Display Custom Demographic Data in MapAnythingTM

Fully leverage your company’s internal business data like never before! Provide us with the data (domestic and/or international) and boundary information (such as zip code, county, municipality) and we’ll build, host, and maintain a custom demographic layer that is only available to your MapAnything for Salesforce users.


  • This is an ideal way to consume large datasets from external systems when a Salesforce data integration project would be impractical or lengthy to roll out.
  • See open opportunities overlaid with internal data related specifically to your company or industry. Use the insight to make better decisions, create more effective business strategies and take action like never before.
  • For example, if a sales rep is selling solar panel systems to residential customers, it would be extremely powerful to be able to see opportunities and leads against a custom demographic layer of electric rates by zip codes.
  • Access whatever proprietary data you want in MapAnything and rest assured that it can not be exported or shared outside your company’s users.
  • One time project fee charged to build and load custom demographic layer
  • $250 per data set/per month (to host and maintain demographic layer)

Must be a MapAnything™ for Salesforce customer