The only way to view ESRI data from ArcGIS Online alongside your Salesforce data

MapAnything Connector for ArcGIS

MapAnything Connector for ArcGIS gives users a map view of ESRI ArcGIS Online data inside Salesforce with their organizational data for strategic planning and powerful analysis.

Empower Users with Unrivaled Analytics in Salesforce

Enable your team to view ESRI ArcGIS Online data alongside their departmental data

  • Easily access maps from ArcGIS Online
  • Users can leverage GIS assets for planning & decision making

Decrease Data Requests & Boost Productivity

Spend less time fielding individual requests for maps and data

  • Salesforce users can view all data in the same system
  • Colleagues can access data independently

Improve Organizational Alignment

Leverage ESRI data in strategic planning across departments

  • Manage assets, teams, and territories
  • Collaborate across departments on an interactive map