Get Organized By Setting Permissions

MapAnything 301- Elective

Course Focus: Folder Management
Wed, March 15 at 11 a.m. EST
30 Minutes

Folder Management Best Practices for MapAnything

By: Shannon Temmen, Client Success Manager

A very common question we hear from our clients at MapAnything is “What are your best practices?” In fact, as a member of the Client Success team, I love hearing that question. It allows both my coworkers and I to share our’s and other clients’ experiences on how to achieve a successful MapAnything implementation, training, adoption, etc.

A great feature of the tool is its flexibility to be customized to fit a client’s specific needs. In particular, folder management is one of the key pieces in any MapAnything implementation that allows clients to determine how users will interact with their data.

Once a client signs on as a MapAnything customer, they are guided through a comprehensive on-boarding of the tool by one of our fabulous Implementation Managers. Their goal is to get each of our clients up and running within a short period of time, along with ensuring they have a deep understanding of the product.

As each client goes through their implementation journey they will first be introduced to folder management through enabling folder permissions and assigning user permissions. Here are a few quick tips to consider along the way, as they may hold a big impact in your MapAnything package.

By enabling folder permissions, clients turn on the ability to expose certain folders/map layers to designated user and profile types. Essentially, this makes the client’s end users life much easier by only exposing them to the folders that they need. When building out a folder hierarchy, I always encourage clients to think about what makes the most sense. For example, is their company segmented by region, division, etc. They can then imitate that same structure within their MapAnything folder hierarchy.

When assigning user permissions in MapAnything, clients will be asked to designate folder admins. A folder admin will be given the ability to manage all folders that fall within the MapAnything corporate folder. We often see administrators or managers designated as folder admins.
Each client’s folder admin will have the ability to set folder permissions at a user or profile level in MapAnything. Specifically, these permissions determine   which users will be able to Read, Create, Modify, Delete and Set Permissions within a folder.

For more information and a step-by-step tutorial on MapAnything Folder Management, sign up for our 30-minute MAU 301 course on Wednesday, March 15. I hope to see you there!