Calling all CEOs: Are you tired of your sales team spinning their wheels?

GPS for CEOs

CEOs across any industry concur that increasing productivity of a sales team is essential to business performance.  For many, the field sales organization is the revenue engine for the company—while being one of the most expensive resources as well. A company’s financial performance is tied directly to sales performance.  In addition, managing the cost of sales against its productivity can be the difference between great quarterly performance or a disappointing bottom line.  So, how can CEOs keep their sales teams focused on the right priorities, productive and efficient?  One of the most effective tools available is Geo-Productivity Software (GPS).  GPS helps sales teams maximize the time they spend selling to the most valuable prospects and customers via an interactive, map-based interface to CRM.

Because Geo-Productivity Software like MapAnything shows reps where their most valuable customers, prospects and leads are located, and helps them plan the most efficient routes to these opportunities, sales professionals minimize wasted time. Cancelled or missed meetings are automatically re-prioritized and rescheduled, and time spent selling to low-value prospects is virtually eliminated. With optimized route planning and scheduling, reps spend more time selling and less time commuting between meetings.  

For Field Service teams, or industries where compliance or asset management is essential, MapAnything enables more efficient operations.  Any IoT-enabled object or resource that can be tracked in Salesforce can be managed via the map-based interface in MapAnything.  

As pioneers in the field, we have served over 1,500 enterprise customers, The product has been built with years of real-world sales experiences, and over five years of development within Salesforce. MapAnything gives CEOs peace of mind as field sales teams focus on activities that are more likely to meet revenue and productivity targets. We help increase lifetime customer value by enhancing field service and sales operations while reps visit the right customers at the right time intervals.  Finally, because GPS leverages live CRM data, sales teams and are able to prioritize sales calls that represent the greatest annual contract value (ACV).

Any CEO that is looking to drive sales productivity while reducing sales costs will benefit from GPS.  For more about how GPS works, download our new eBook, Geo-Productivity Software, A New Paradigm for Driving Field Sales Results.

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John Stewart, MapAnything CEO
By: John Stewart 

CEO at MapAnything