New software brings productivity gains to CRM admins at SMBs

MapAnything for CRM Admins

Productivity. It’s a phrase that peppers nearly every prediction article, analyst report and business plan. Personal productivity software has become a way of life for all of us outside the office. We scarcely even notice how much we’ve come to rely on apps, from managing our calendars to booking movie tickets and conducting banking transactions. Now business leaders are trying to bring the benefits of productivity apps into  their business lives. SMBs in particular are trying to get on the digital transformation bandwagon. To that end,  CRM software is one of the most widely adopted digital business transformation applications by SMBs. According to IDC, 54% of surveyed SMBs have adopted CRM software.  CRM admins are the heros tasked with keeping the data clean, accurate, and useful. No small feat for hard wording admins, especially in smaller businesses which may have fewer resources to devote to the activity.  Luckily, Geo-Productivity Software from MapAnything is now available to help rev up sales team productivity, and ease the burden on CRM admins.

Geo-Productivity software (or GPS) is more than simple geo location or route optimization software. It combines geo location services with CRM data so sales professionals can prioritize sales visits and optimize travel between meetings. With GPS, field sales and services pros can spend more face-to-face time with customers and less time traveling. And there’s a bonus for CRM admins, the people who keep the underlying data pristine: MapAnything is deeply integrated with CRM. Being built within the CRM platform brings major productivity gains to CRM admins in a few critical ways:

  • Process automation allows data to be sent to CRM in real-time when sales reps arrive at meetings, reducing the reliance on manual entries and ensuring more accurate and complete customer records.
  • Mobile integration streamlines rep field updates and eliminates duplicate logins or data entry, improving  CRM adoption.  
  • Complex sales workflows are simplified. With MapAnything there is no need for multiple integrations, imports/exports, uploads/downloads.
  • Admins can make large record updates in one click using MapAnything’s mass action functionality. They can also easily reassign tasks or records using a map-based query,  as well as easily slice and dice information by displaying it on a map, on any page or object, or nearby related record. This means admins can spend minutes rather than hours or days on value-add activities.

Want to learn more about how thousands of CRM admins across the globe in large and small businesses have used MapAnything to take back their life and escape the confines of data cleansing and data integration? Contact us to schedule a GPS demo, or read through our customer case studies to learn how your business can reap massive new productivity gains.

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Kristi Guzman
By: Kristi Guzman

Salesforce Operations Manager at MapAnything