Software Solutions by Role

MapAnything is the leading Geo-Productivity solution for Sales, Service, Marketing, and Fleet Management. Increase revenue, drive productivity, gain organizational insight, and deepen customer loyalty with a fully integrated, GPS-driven software solutions.

Sales Management

When every meeting is a new opportunity, you need your team spending more time with customers and less time planning, driving, and logging calls.

Lead Generation

Source leads utilizing MapAnything Data in conjunction with MapAnything’s territory mapping. Easily add to existing or new routes and save as records in Salesforce with Click2Create buttons. Optimize your route with MapAnything Guide to efficiently manage your territory and generate more revenue.

Increased Sales

Utilizing MapAnything’s core mapping solutions, spend more time with customers and less time doing administrative tasks. Plan a route with MapAnything to identify clustered customers to optimize your sales route and fill schedule gaps due to last minute cancellations.

Sales Process Automation

Simply put, spend less time on administrative tasks. Quickly update records, create events, check in/ out of appointments, and more directly from MapAnything’s interface. Increase your overall efficiency by adding MapAnything Guide to schedule and optimize multi-day sales routes in advance. Pick up and go with MapAnything’s software.

Sales Territory Mapping

Get a real-time view of customers, team activities, and performance metrics with MapAnything Live GPS-mapping software. Using vehicle and asset tracking hardware, connect with MapAnything’s core mapping technology and a live feed of where your vehicles are at all times. Create, assign, and balance territories, and get real-time vehicle diagnostics to ensure compliance and safety.

We've seen a week of sales that was triple what we did before MapAnything.



John Reid, Regional VP SMB Sales, Axia

Field Service Software Solutions

Boost customer satisfaction and transform your service organization from a cost center to a profit center with route, schedule, and territory coverage optimization.

Customer Satisfaction

By leveraging the power of MapAnything Live GPS-mapping software combined with MapAnything you are able to pinpoint exactly when a field rep will be at the customer location. Inform the customer via email or SMS straight from Salesforce and continually improve your customer’s overall satisfaction.

Field Service Management

Connecting MapAnything’s core software and MapAnything Guide enables field service teams to quickly check in or out of appointments, schedule multi-day routes, and update documentation directly from their mobile devices. Further boost field productivity with MapAnything Live GPS-mapping software - a real-time vehicle and asset tracking platform. At any time, view where your field team is and reassign service calls based on GPS location.

Call Dispatch

MapAnything Live GPS-mapping software was built specifically to see a real-time view of where your field service team is in order to efficiently dispatch calls based on nearest team member location. This CRM-driven telematics solution with MapAnything’s core mapping solution ensures you see real-time updates of vehicle diagnostics, field service team member location, and customer records in order to best service your customers.

Service Coverage

Build and assign territories in Salesforce directly from the MapAnything’s core mapping software. Get a real-time view of customers, technicians, and work orders to distribute service requests efficiently and effectively. Combine MapAnything Guide to optimize service routes and MapAnything Live GPS-mapping software for real-time tracking and diagnostics of fields reps and vehicles.

mapanything live has literally changed the way we do business.


Joe Cardella, Senior VP, Cardella Waste

Marketing Automation Solutions

Unlock location-based marketing in Salesforce to build targeted, effective campaigns and plan events.

Produce Targeted Campaigns

Utilize MapAnything Data in connection to MapAnything’s core mapping software to identify prospects and customers by targeted location demographic. Connected to your Salesforce, you can quickly build targeted marketing campaigns by identifying the territory, adding existing customers, and finding new customers with the combination of these three powerful platforms.

Distribute New Leads

Gather new leads generated from your targeted campaigns and assign individual or multiple leads to a salesperson or sales team with one click. Since all marketing campaign information easily flows from MapAnything applications into Salesforce, you are able to quickly update fields on thousands of records at once.

Analyze Performance Metrics

Proving marketing ROI has never been easier with convenient, simple-to-use key performance metrics tracking. Using MapAnything’s mapping software connected to Salesforce campaigns, you can easily see how your marketing campaign performed within specific customer geographic locations.

Streamline Event Planning

Plan events for maximum impact & exposure. By combining MapAnything’s mapping software, MapAnything Data, and the power of Salesforce, you are now able to leverage a map view of sales prospects and current customers in relation to potential venues based on distance and travel time for all attendees.

With MapAnything we can do in a day (or hours) what would have taken us a month or longer to accomplish and we’re more accurate than ever before. 


Karen Stanovich, Herff Jones

Fleet Management Software Solutions

Sales and fleet tracking, route optimization, real-time vehicle diagnostics, and business process automation.


Bringing MapAnything Live GPS-mapping telematics into Salesforce increases fleet productivity across teams. Combine MapAnything’s core mapping software with MapAnything live to manage your entire fleet without losing insight into Compliance, safety, and TCO. With several hardware options available, you can easily choose the right fleet or asset tracking device for your need. Integration with GM, a no-hardware mobile version, and several options for OBDii devices gives you necessary flexibility.

Route Planning and Optimization

Leverage cross-object query functionality and unlimited, live-batch geocoding to plot up to 50,000 map markers at a time. Combining MapAnything’s core mapping software with MapAnything Guide allows you to plan multi-day routing that is optimized for maximum efficiency. Your teams will service more work orders, see more clients, and get more done with fewer miles.

Real-time Diagnostics

With MapAnything Live, you can Measure real-time or historical information based on vehicle location, distance traveled, hard-braking, rapid acceleration, speed, and stops, as well as full vehicle diagnostics such as fuel consumption, tire pressure, and engine life.

ELD Compliance

The ELD Mandate, created by the FMCSA to ensure driver safety, is one of the most important aspects of any fleet. By adding MapAnything Live to your core MapAnything service, you’ll be able to gather real-time diagnostic details for any vehicle within your fleet. Specifically for drivers, speed, hard-braking, drive time, distance traveled, and more are easily accessible for compliance reporting. MapAnything’s team of ELD Compliance experts can help you understand the new regulations and provide the right software solution for you.