From Static to Dynamic – Level Up Your Data Analysis

By: Martin Galusha, Product Support Specialist

I began my career in Finance. So to say Excel defined my comfort zone would be a big understatement. My day-to-day activities were consumed with building correlation tables, mean regressions, and any and all statistical calculations. So for those of you spreadsheet enthusiasts, I understand where you’re coming from…I used to be one of you!

That is, until I became a Product Support Specialist, here at MapAnything. Six months ago, it all changed. MapAnything provides a colorful, dynamic way to visualize data on a map with endless possibilities due to the flexibility of cross object analysis and the ability to construct marker layers inside marker layers.

Excel vs. MapAnything – What’s the Difference?

Tracking changes and deriving useful information from your data is where MapAnything can really simplify data analysis for a team. Not everybody is a tech-savvy excel wizard or understands the jargon that comes along with statistical analysis. This is where MapAnything with its dynamic capabilities can make understanding your data as easy as understanding the signals given by a traffic light (red, green, yellow). You can select your own custom colors, shapes and images to represent key indicators of your data.

Why I Love MapAnything

MapAnything can execute all of my go-to Excel functions. The fact that it is native to Salesforce just pushes it over the top for me. By far, the list view feature is my favorite. Supported by a powerful query engine, this feature provides users with the ability to filter their data by base object and add additional filters with marker filters.

On top of all of this MapAnything plots Salesforce data on a map, providing users with the ability to geographically attack their data with proximities and shape layers, all before exporting their desired information into excel. A quick tip to get around that exporting error of files being to large (current exporting cap is at 10,000) is to break down the export in chunks. Then, once all the data is exported into excel the data can be combined with a VLookup. By chunks I simply mean instead of exporting all of the tooltips available, maybe eliminate a couple of them by clicking the gear icon within the list view. The tooltip is another feature that makes the list view capabilities so exciting and customizable.  Users can pick whatever data they would like to see and analyze in each tooltip column. 

See for Yourself

Between the list view feature and all the other functionality offered,  MapAnything provides a one-two punch for geographical, data analytics. Now, with the introduction of MapAnything Live, the power of MapAnything’s geo-productivity has become virtually endless.

To learn more about MapAnything and how it can accelerate your data insight and analysis, schedule a demo today!