Unlock the Power of Knowing “Where” Your Business Is

Determining the “where” of your company operations, today, right now, is one thing. It’s another to be charged with identifying “where” your business should head next and the formation of a profitable expansion strategy! Luckily, MapAnything Live, for Salesforce users, provides an easy-to-execute solution for both of these would-be conundrums.

MapAnything Live is an add-on to our core MapAnything product that enables real-world asset tracking in Salesforce. The solution provides unprecedented business process automation using real-time sensor (or app) information in combination with Salesforce records and business rules. So whether you are in need of a mapping tool to execute fleet management tasks, optimize field services or increase field sales productivity, look no further than MapAnything Live on the AppExchange.

If you need to track your field employees with MapAnything Live, rather than vehicles, the MapAnything Live Availability app, is sure to do the trick. Perfect for field teams and contract employees, this user-friendly app enables location tracking and automated activity logging from any smartphone.

As part of our overall MapAnything Live solution, the MapAnything Live Availability app is ideal for companies with field employees that experience:

Loss of valuable time to basic data entry tasks and appointment follow-up activities that could be better spent prospecting and relationship-building in the field.

MapAnything Live Availability empowers field reps with more time to sell and service their clients by enabling one-click record updates, automated activity logging, and geofencing data to trigger actions in Salesforce.

An inconsistent understanding of their field employees location at any given point, daily actions and company resource utilization.

MapAnything Live Availability enables managers to see their field employee’s locations in real-time, as well as track their mileage automatically.

Scheduling and service-time inefficiencies, which cause less clients to be attended to and loss of potential business.

MapAnything Live Availability provides managers with the technology to quickly determine employee proximity and status, as well as assign the ideal candidate, to service last-minute, urgent client requests.

So what are you waiting for? See a demo today and watch as all your “where” woes begin to vanish right before your eyes! Visit us on the AppExchange for more information.