Where does the time go? – Use a sales priority structure

By: Michael Muhlfelder, Chief Revenue Officer

This is the first post, in a five-part blog series, on how to save valuable time, maximize output and limit distractions on a daily basis.

Time is a sales person’s most precious asset. Yet, productive selling time is also under constant attack from other priorities and distractions. Effective use of your time can be the difference between making your number or scrambling the last two weeks of the quarter. In my years of selling, I’ve discovered a few strategies that help to focus sales effort and time spent on the most productive opportunities.

Using Salesforce or ServiceNow, you can easily identify prospects and opportunities that are the most promising, and that need the most urgent attention. Really using the prioritization provided to you within CRM can help you spend time on only the most important activities. Consider the following method of prioritizing your opportunities.

By focusing your sales time on opportunities in the top right quadrant, you can get to your number more quickly. CRM can help you to score and prioritize your opportunities. Focus the majority of your time on the highest value most likely to close activities first and foremost. Secondly, look at likely to close, but moderate value and high-value, yet unqualified opportunities. Finally, spend the least amount of your time on unknown opportunities that are in the early stages of qualification.

MapAnything adds a geographical dynamic to time management. Using a combination of rich data, map-based planning and navigation, and integrated CRM, sales professionals are able to maximize results and drive to the number more efficiently. To learn how MapAnything features save you time, read our recent 3 Quick Ways to Save Time with MapAnything post. You may even find that you discover lost time that you can reclaim for yourself each day. Be on the lookout, for post two of this series, next week.

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