Where does the time go? – Minimize the minutes you spend on email

By: Michael Muhlfelder, Chief Revenue Officer

This is the second post, in a five-part blog series, on how to save valuable time, maximize output and limit distractions on a daily basis.

In today’s marketplace, email continues to be a vital communication channel for conducting business. However, I have found that it can exhaust a significant portion of your time each day if you allow it. My second time-saving strategy includes three tactics on how to utilize email effectively without having to sacrifice too many valuable minutes that could otherwise be spent closing deals and making connections.

Although estimates vary by industry, most sales professionals spend between 25%-40% of their time on email. But, here’s something to consider, the people you’re selling to are also spending a lot of time in email. They are unlikely to spend time on a long email, no matter how well you write it. So here are some guidelines:

  • Short, to the point, meat up front. Don’t waste a lot of time and effort on set up. Just say it quickly.
  • Templates rule: Build a standard, easy to customize template for introductions, follow-up, meeting confirmation and close.
  • Don’t get trapped in long email strings. Pick up the phone if it looks like it’s going to be a 3-4 exchange topic.

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