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MapAnything and the Location of Things

While writing about disruptive technologies, we often come across ideas that are just way more brilliant than people give them credit for. One such idea came from a startup called what3words that carved the world up into a grid of 57 trillion small plots of land or water, each with a size of 3 yards by 3 yards (or 3 meters by 3 meters), then associated each square with a sequence of three random words. For example, if you wanted a pizza delivered to the picturesque city park where this article is being written, that would be miracles.decent.aspect.

This brilliant idea allows us to deliver things to practically anywhere, making the traditional notion of an address obsolete. It’s startups like what3words that help make it much easier for us to find the location of things, and that term “location of things” is now being used as a play on words of “Internet of Things” by companies like the one we’re here to talk about today – MapAnything...

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