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AppExchange Milestone: 3 Million Installs and Counting


Today, the AppExchange hit 3 million installs. This is an incredible achievement that speaks to the strength of the entire ecosystem as well as the caliber of partner applications.

Before founding Cloudbilt, I worked in other industries and no other company runs a better partner program than That is why we develop applications exclusively for the AppExchange. It is the foundation of our business and has been critical in giving us visibility and increasing our market awareness.

MapAnything: A Case Study in the Power of the AppExchange

Our MapAnythingTM app is a great example of the power of the AppExchange. It is a native, geo-analytics solution that maps all of a company’s Salesforce data (custom and standard objects). Its proprietary cross object query engine traverses the Salesforce data structure – connecting data like never before.

MapAnythingTM was released on December 1, 2011. Four days later, it received its first 5 star review. Unlike other technology marketplaces, Salesforce customers take the time to share their feedback. As a result, user reviews are a critical lever in determining a company’s AppExchange success.

Another key AppExchange differentiator – demand does not taper. We started with an average of 11 MapAnything downloads a month and today we receive over 300. This steady stream of (qualified) inbound leads has been pivotal in our growth and helped land us on the Inc. 500.

Providing Value to Salesforce Customers

Bluewolf highlighted the pervasiveness of AppExchange products in its Annual State of Salesforce Review 2014-2015 – which found that 82 percent of customers surveyed were using at least one AppExchange solution (and this number was expected to rise). This is an incredible statistic!

During this past Dreamforce, I spoke with a CIO from a large enterprise who attends the show solely to identify partner applications that will help drive his company’s business outcomes. He sees AppExchange products as a natural extension of Salesforce.

We hear this a lot as well. The data visualization provided by MapAnything takes a company’s Salesforce data to the next level. It has multiple corporate functions with some of its strongest use cases centered around driving productivity in the field. Here are two examples of the tangible results MapAnything provides:

  • Field rep secures 20 more accounts visits a week
  • Regional sales director frees up 2-3 hours a week (saved travel time)

In closing, a hearty congrats to the entire ISV team (and in particular to Alix Douglas, Nivi Gill and Randy Case).  The number of resources and opportunities you make available are an essential reason why the AppExchange (and Cloudbilt) have flourished.