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Cloudbilt Treats Select Group to “No-Code” Salesforce Mini-Course

Local Salesforce users attend free half-day Developer Training class at Charlotte software firm HQ


[CHARLOTTE] – July 22, 2013 – On Tuesday, July 16, partner and App developer Cloudbilt hosted a half-day Developer Training class for Salesforce, called “No-Code Development.” Registration for the class took place at the June meeting of the Charlotte Salesforce User Group, and attendance was limited to 15 students.

No-code development, as envisioned by Cloudbilt, is the design of data analysis rules and tools using formulas and algorithms to enhance Salesforce functionality. The class itself is aimed at teaching fundamental Salesforce development using formulas within the CRM environment rather than writing extensive, involved code. “No-Code Development” is the first in a series of free Salesforce courses to be taught by Cloudbilt CRM Consultant Pike Pullen, who designs the mini-courses along with Director of Client Services Vikki Pope.

In teaching this basic introduction to development, Pullen used a conversational approach as opposed to teaching the class as if it were a lecture. Attendees both volunteered information about their own experiences and gave opinions on the techniques being discussed, in addition to asking questions of Pullen. “No-Code” is intended for Salesforce administrators with limited knowledge of the programming languages requires.

These coding languages – Apex and Visualforce – are at the core of Cloudbilt’s four-day Developer Training course, which the software firm offers in alternating months.

“We’ll definitely be offering ‘No-Code’ again in the future,” said Pope. “It provides a great opportunity for us to interact with local Salesforce users, to learn and better understand their curiosities and concerns where the platform is concerned.

“We are certainly excited about offering a series of free courses on varying Salesforce topics, so that we can continue to be a resource to the Salesforce community,” Pope added.


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