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About AXIA

Founded in Alberta, Axia has been providing services on high-performing fibre communications infrastructure for over a decade. Axia brings infrastructure services to underserviced markets worldwide. A key to their success has been their ability to unite customer needs, government objectives, and regulatory regimes in an economically viable way.

Major trends in the communications industry are driving the use of their networks, including demand for high-performing digital connectivity, the growing number and variety of network connected devices, growth in demand for wireless data services and growing use of video and other applications from leading web services providers.


The Main Question

As a technology company, Axia was focused on using technology in every aspect of their company, including door-to-door - their biggest department. This large, revenue generating department was primarily using paper maps and knock-lists to prospect. Keeping track of all of this paper was a challenge for the growing company. As a tech focused company, Axia needed to eliminate the use of paper and move toward a robust CRM.

But what exactly did Axia need? Axia wanted to find a CRM that could both assist them in being tech forward and help their door-to-door sales continue to increase in efficiency and effectiveness.  

Their customers are gamers with high-bandwidth requirements or consumers who simply enjoy an uninterrupted streaming video experience and a fast-paced and growing enterprise like Axia demands a cutting-edge technology provider to serve its growing CRM.

Why Salesforce Maps?

Salesforce is the source of truth for all sales and marketing activity at Axia. Every department at Axia uses Salesforce in one way, shape, or form - from billing to legal to construction estimates to CPQ, all the way to the reports used by the executive team. Axia offers a unique service which requires a personal interaction with the customer. This is particularly evident with field marketing efforts where a wide area is canvassed, which is a genesis that lead to needing a default mapping solution within Salesforce.

Axia realized they needed to make their door-to-door sales more efficient and when looking for a mapping solution, they knew it needed to seamlessly integrate with their already highly adopted Salesforce instance. Axia began researching mapping tools within the Appexchange, and found Salesforce Maps. There are other door-to-door sales specific programs, but they did not integrate with Salesforce, and when Axia realized the potential to customize Salesforce Maps for their needs and decided to move forth.

Having visibility to prospects, clients, and service inquiries gave Axia's field teams the ability to focus their efforts in the right way. This proved to have a direct impact on targeted focused sales campaigns to positively impact their bottom line.

That's where Salesforce Maps was instrumental. You could quickly bring up a map on whatever territory you were in, in any of the communities that we serviced and be able to zoom in quickly to see, 'Oh I don't need to knock that door because there aren't any accounts, but I can knock those next three.' And that's how our sales people were able to become more efficient.
John Reed
Residential Sales Manager

How does Axia utilize Salesforce Maps?

After moving forth, the Salesforce Maps team collaborated with Axia's residential sales team to determine which actions were repeatedly performed, as well as any frequently asked questions, in order to customize the platform for Axia's specific needs

Increased Efficiency

  • Axia automated administrative tasks and eliminated paper binders, saving their admins approximately 1-hour of valuable time every single day.
  • Filters by activity allowed the Axia team to categorize leads by strength; giving their sales team the ability to focus on leads with forward progress to close more sales.
  • Custom “Not Home” buttons allowed the Axia sales team to notate in one click why a knock was not recorded.
It all comes down to time saving. As with any sales organization, the more time spent in the field producing opportunities directly impacts the conversion rate of a new accounts. Salesforce Maps automates a lot of those functions that were being typed in manually which has had a real benefit for us.
Jim Buchan
Head of Development of Customer Applications and User Adoption of

Faster Onboarding and Increased Rep Productivity

  • New hire training ramp up time was reduced due to visualization of territories, demographics, and other data within Salesforce Maps.
  • Reps are able to pull up accounts and view all applicable data within seconds instead of manually researching any information needed.
  • Reps are able to quickly view underserved territories and take action.

Increased Valuable Facetime with Clients

  • Axia tripled their weekly sales simply by automating administrative tasks and allowing their field sales teams to see more customers in less time.
  • Custom creation and implementation of a 'Not Home' button allowed the sales team to see historical data of when the prospect was home to better plan their visits around the homeowner's schedule.
  • Quick access to notes gave the field sales teams the information they needed to customize their pitch.



After implementing Salesforce Maps, Axia has:

  • Increased daily sales target on doors knocked from 30 to 50
  • Increased their highest daily sales record by 16%
  • Maintained a 92% license adoption rate
Well the big thing that data visualization through Salesforce Maps provides is the ability to plan, which factored largely in the decision to choose Salesforce Maps. Specifically the simplicity of the layers was a real value add to us because with other tools we noticed that some of this information was really hard to get out. With Salesforce Maps, we are able to instantly pull the data we need to canvas more efficiently and get to more houses.
Jim Buchan
Head of Development of Customer Applications and User Adoption of
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