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BlueLine Rental provides equipment rental solutions for customers in every major construction sector, as well as the industrial, energy and manufacturing industries. Regardless of the size of your job, at BlueLine we forge a partnership to make you our best customer. With one of the youngest fleets in the industry, backed by a team 2,000 strong, you can count on us to deliver the fast.safe.reliable rental experience.

Every BlueLine customer is connected to a committed sales representative who understands your business, answers the phone when you call and is empowered to deliver for you. You’ll also have access to a support center and a seasoned service team, who rigorously maintain the equipment you need from the brands you trust.

Main Question

BlueLine Rental realized the need to make their territories more fluid - allowing change and new direction as the company grew. The more Blue Line moved territory lines, zones, and boundaries, the more their sales reps were asking for information about their new area.

The begged the question: How can we be more prepared?

BlueLine needed a better way to equip their sales and service reps with a way to quickly learn a new territory, onboard faster, and uncover opportunities that may have been overlooked in the past.

Why MapAnything?

Before MapAnything, BlueLine was scouring databases for information, exporting that information into Excel and distributing it to their sales and services teams with a “Go get it” mindset. They did not know how accurate the data would be, or if the leads were going to be qualified or not.

BlueLine realized the critical need for planning and began sourcing CRM systems. Eventually, they landed on Salesforce and, ultimately, MapAnything.

Though BlueLine took advantage of how Salesforce gives a full picture of the opportunity environment, MapAnything brought a visualization piece that couldn't be matched.

Before MapAnything and Salesforce, we were pulling from market research databases, sending reps a list in Excel, saying, "Go get it". We thought we were really innovative, but MapAnything really brings [Salesforce data] to life because reps get a nice visual of who they need to go see and they can make the most efficient routes for time and territory planning.
Meradith Stretts
Salesforce Trainer

How does BlueLine utilize MapAnything?

Territory Management

  • Quickly familiarize with new boundary lines to make smart, more organized decisions to work their zones.
  • Maintain transparency with district managers, sales managers, and sales reps to ensure all territories are assigned correctly and no zip codes or customers are missed.
  • Uncover any potential lost revenue through visualization of any white space or unassigned areas.
  • Set customer expectations through territory cadence and rotations on specific days or weeks.

Driver Accountability

  • Utilize MapAnything Mobile to ensure drivers aren't operating clunky laptops while driving or pulling over to update records.
  • Find nearby customers or prospects to ensure drivers are effectively utilizing their day.
  • Reps work together to build overall pipeline and revenue stream through full transparency into other territories; they are 'sharing the pot' to ensure goals are met.
  • Maintain visibility with their clients to ensure all potential revenue is realized and commission checks are made.

Salesforce Adoption

  • BlueLine employees see Salesforce as the base of what they need, and view MapAnything as the next step to bring their Salesforce Data to the next level.
  • Salesforce training has been made more exciting and users are more engaged to bring forth adoption and use ideas.
  • If a user has already adopted the software, that person feels comfortable challenging Blue Line's Salesforce Admin with ways in which to utilize the software better.
  • MapAnything gives the Salesforce trainer instinct credibility with the reps since they more easily and quickly understand visualization of their Salesforce data. 
On average, in the past, reps would see about 12 customers a day. With MapAnything, they can increase that to about 15 a day. In over a year, that can equate to 900 customers, 900 more touches per rep and you multiply that across the company. That equates to a lot of rental revenue.
Meradith Stretts
Salesforce Trainer


After implementing MapAnything, BlueLine has:

  • Maintained a 99% license adoption rate
  • Increased number of customers touched from 600 to 900 within a year
  • Increased daily call volume from 10 to 15
I know someone who's been in a territory for a long time, and MapAnything lets them turn over new stones and see maybe customers or projects that they weren't already aware of. It's a humbling experience to allow MapAnything to bring new customers to light so a rep is able to see people that they haven't visited in a long time. That really equates to a lot of rental revenue when you think about it.
Meradith Stretts
Salesforce Trainer
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