About Buzz Points, Inc.

Buzz Points provides an innovative debit and credit rewards program to banks and credit unions. By promoting a “Bank Local, Buy Local” ecosystem, Buzz Points rewards consumers, local businesses, and financial institutions alike.


Business Challenges

  • Buzz Points needed a way to find new opportunities for two sales teams
  • They used a static map and spreadsheets to view territories and report sales data, but they needed a quicker way to run sales reports using real-time data


Buzz Points turned to MapAnything for high quality data reporting and territory management. They use MapAnything to view customers, prospects, and open opportunities. They also use it to create and assign territories as well as find new opportunities using the Google-powered Points of Interest Search. Buzz Points creates map layers of customer / prospect data and leads within a specific geographic area using custom radius searches. From there, they overlay existing customers to find opportunities to grow their customer ecosystem.

Buzz Points also uses MapAnything to enhance their marketing campaigns. They are able to quickly select customers and prospects to add to campaigns using Mass Actions.

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