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Council of International Schools Team

About CIS:

The Council of International Schools (CIS) is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to providing services for primary & secondary schools, higher education institutions and those who share a commitment to providing high quality education internationally. Their membership community includes more than 1300 institutions - 740 schools and 600 colleges and universities representing 116 countries.


How can we keep our data up-to-date in real-time?

Before implementing Salesforce Community Cloud and Salesforce Maps, CIS was struggling with a CRM that was out-of-date and heavily customized. The problematic mapping solutions often guessed coordinates incorrectly and would place pins in the wrong country.

CIS needed a dynamic, accurate solution that connected Salesforce with their Membership directory. Data about each institution is constantly changing and member information updates  needed to be instantly reflected in Salesforce, and in the directory on the website. With Salesforce Maps, the information that members update in the CIS portal can now be filtered and shared on their membership directory.


Why Salesforce Maps?

CIS prides itself on being an international, global organization, therefore it was imperative that their membership directory was dynamic, easy-to-use, and incredibly visual. CIS works in over 114 countries, and some addresses are challenging when it comes to formatting.

We know there’s always a need to resolve address issues; Salesforce Maps makes that a simple process for us and our members. Even when you can’t get an address to sync exactly right with Google, Salesforce Maps allows you to do a manual pin drop - this is critical for us.
Dave Stanfield
Head of Research & Development

Integration with Salesforce Lightning was a significant factor in CIS’s final decision to choose Salesforce Maps. Their previous design was painful, coded from the ground up, and they therefore needed a solution which improved adoption and provided the ability for the public to filter across many different fields. With some custom integration, the team at CIS was able to visualise their membership directory as a map directly on their website; even their internal staff uses it to filter and find institutions as it is so easy to use.



Feedback from the solution has been extremely positive, particularly with how easy the combined solution is to use. Dave Stanfield attributes the increased length of time each website visitor spends on the directory page, three minutes on average, to the system’s ease-of-use. This is a good indication of the increased engagement they sought. Their staff also use the directory more often now, as well, when searching for quick information about members.

In addition to ease-of-use, the actual cost of developing and maintaining a cloud-based solution such as Salesforce & Salesforce Maps has provided an immediate return on investment.

The support Salesforce Maps provides has always been great. It’s the ideal platform to power our public membership directory and has allowed us to create a direct connection between Salesforce and our public website. Users love the interactive and user-friendly nature of the directory, which was custom built by Salesforce Maps.
Dave Stanfield
Head of Research & Development
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