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About Dyax

Dyax is a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing, and commercializing novel biotherapeutics for unmet medical needs with an emphasis on inflammatory indications. We utilize our proprietary drug discovery technology - phage display - to identify antibody, small protein, and peptide compounds for clinical development. Dyax also leverages this technology broadly with over 70 revenue generating licenses and collaborations for therapeutic discovery, as well as in non-core areas such as affinity separations, diagnostic imaging, and research reagents.


Situation Analysis

Dyax had lots of data points with address information. However, the company had no way of seeing how its data was geographically related. It needed a tool that was able to integrate with Salesforce and work well with Veeva Systems, a business solution for life science companies.

Field sales representatives at Dyax are often unfamiliar with the large, multi-state territories they cover. Prior to flying into a city, reps used to rely on static reports to help them identify the accounts and physicians to visit. This activity was time consuming and sometimes the information was not accurate.

When reps located a patient in a rural area, they had to reach out to the corporate office to determine where the nearest treatment site was located. Unfortunately, this process could take time.


Business Challenges Salesforce Maps Solves

Veeva and Salesforce Integration: Salesforce Maps is a native Salesforce application that works seamlessly with Veeva Systems, including its custom address object which is a custom related list in Salesforce and its unique call object.

At Dyax, several field-based groups, including the sales team, use Salesforce Maps alongside home office personnel.

Route and Schedule Planning

When planning a trip, field sales reps use Salesforce Maps to visually identify high priority targets that are close to the airport. They can filter by activity level to see which accounts they have not touched in the last quarter and reach out.

Servicing Patients and Partners

Salesforce Maps takes the home office out of servicing patients and gives field reps the ability to locate the nearest treatment site or home infusion service that can assist the patient. This is especially useful in rural areas.

Patient Meetings

Prior to Salesforce Maps, this process involved running separate reports for patients and physicians, then sorting each by zip code. Salesforce Maps' zip code overlay and proximity circles streamlined this time consuming process.




More Time to Sell

Salesforce Maps is a useful one-stop shop for Dyax field representatives which means they can spend more time in the field selling and less time prepping in their home offices. Salesforce Maps also helps new sales reps become familiar with their territory.

Increased Field Productivity

Field reps use Salesforce Maps to log calls throughout the day. In fact, Dyax reps can initiate any type of custom action or process with Salesforce Maps from the field.

Better Patient Support

Field reps can quickly identify treatment sites or home infusion services that are in the vicinity of a given patient. There is no lag-time in getting patients the information they need.

Successful Patient Meetings

Attendance at meetings has increased due to more effective geo-targeting efforts as a result of Salesforce Maps.

Effective Territory Management

Dyax home office personnel leverage Salesforce Maps to determine if areas are being over, or under, serviced by sales reps. Salesforce Maps also helps them determine new locations for home infusion services and where additional sales coverage is warranted.

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