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About the East Sussex Highways Project

Like many stories begin, so too does this one...with a competition! In December 2015, two Salesforce Maps customers, Costain and CH2M , announced a joint venture and put in a compelling bid for the East Sussex Highways project, retained by the East Sussex County Council. The project involved the design, management and maintenance of over 2,000 miles of highway in East Sussex county of the United Kingdom.  Oversight of the county’s network of roads, pavement, street lights, sidewalks, bridges, drains and gullies was a chief component of the project, as well.

Costain/CH2M immediately rose to the top of the list of project contenders, largely because of their own success and merit, but also because of the technology solutions they planned to bring to the table.

Samantha Neame, Service Development Manager at the East Sussex County Council supported this claim by explaining, “when Costain/CH2M came forward with Salesforce and Salesforce Maps, it was a very different, very innovative idea.”

Costain and CH2M were awarded the project in January of 2016 and work began in May of that same year.

“We felt we could add value,” expressed Gary Nash, Program Manager at CH2M. “We wanted to provide a fresh approach for our clients​ ​at East Sussex County Council, which to us would only equate with an Uber or Amazon-like strategy for managing highways.”

Situation Analysis and Challenges

Before Costain and CH2M took over the East Sussex Highways project, and brought Salesforce and Salesforce Maps aboard, daily processes such as routing and data maintenance were time-intensive and very manual in nature. Highway stewards would be forced to take case notes on paper throughout the day, only to then have to return back to the office that evening to digitally transcribe them all. Efficiency was a huge challenge.

In addition, case duplication often occurred and required wasted resources to correct. It was difficult, if not impossible, for managers to tell which incidents had already been reported and logged. Needless to say, data hygiene also presented a substantive road block for East Sussex Highways.  


Thanks to Costain and CH2M, along with Salesforce and Salesforce Maps, East Sussex Highways has been able to streamline processes, integrate and centralize all their data, equip their highway stewards with mobile access to case information and increase overall case completion.

“With Salesforce and Salesforce Maps, everything’s completely changed. Now I am able to save a significant amount of travel time because I don't have to go to and from the office as much,” Jack Griffiths, Senior Highway Steward at East Sussex Highways, shared. “I can find other, close-by jobs while I'm out on-site. I can see client ​inquiries live, as they come in on the mobile app. ​While I’m in the field, I can investigate assets ​like our drains and our gullies ​to see what previous cases exist and what repairs we’ve carried out in the past.”

Other achievements include:

More Efficient Routing

With Salesforce Maps routes, highway stewards no longer have to completely plan out their routes before they begin their day. They can make real-time additions and updates in the field and then re-optimize their route to ensure quick completion.

“Before Salesforce Maps, I was only able to complete about 10 to 15 cases a day,” said Griffiths. “And now, I am able to complete more like 20 to 30.​ ​ It makes my life easier, my job easier and it just makes my days better overall.”

Elimination of Duplicate Cases

The data organization capabilities, offered by Salesforce and Salesforce Maps, have allowed the Customer and Communities division at East Sussex Highways to better review and maintain their case log.  

Becky Denness, Customer and Communities Manager at East Sussex Highways, noted ” when I think back to what it was like not being able to find and see duplicates...not being able to tell if a specific pothole case had already been submitted or not...I begin to feel immense frustration. Having it all plotted in Salesforce Maps has saved so much time and it’s easy-to-use.”


  • Reduced Aborted Visits

Aborted visits were reduced, in their network, by 50% since the contract began.​ This is a direct indication that assets are being utilized more effectively.

“Salesforce Maps has been a game changer. Instead ​of having to spend millions of pounds on
developing technology to address the specific needs of one particular contractor or process, we were able to utilize the billions of dollars spent on R&D by Salesforce and Salesforce Maps, and
apply it to our small contract. That's been key for me,” asserted Nash.

  • Less Claim Payouts

Salesforce Maps enables inspectors to check in and check out for each of their appointments, as well as make updates and take notes while they are conducting inspections. All of this helps to build evidence ​for situations when East Sussex Highways and Costain/CH2M have to present a defense against a claim​.

Nash reported, ​”the largest impact, of the evidence we've been able to gather, has been on claim payouts.  We're looking at a maximum of 50,000 pounds in claim payouts this year, which is a big difference from the million to a million and a half we’ve had to pay in the past.”

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