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About Families Empowered

Families Empowered is a Houston-area nonprofit organization that provides families with tools and resources for selecting schools and helps them navigate the application process to get there.

Business Challenges

  • Families Empowered needed a way to quickly map schools and school districts with performance indicators to provide families with their school options
  • Providing this service would usually involve mapping locations and boundaries one at a time or importing them into a geographic information system and geocoding them
  • These options can be costly in regard to time, money, and human resources


Families Empowered uses Salesforce Maps to map and analyze data quickly with no strain on resources. They use the school district and zip code shape layers to better analyze and present information on schools and school districts.

Families Empowered also leverages Salesforce Maps for data visualization in reports and presentations and to schedule meetings with (and tours of) local schools. Staff members are able to quickly and accurately provide families with their school options as well as visually segment and present those options on the map by location, performance indicator, availability by grade level, and other factors.

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