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About Groeneveld International

Groeneveld Lubrications Solutions has enhanced vehicle and machine uptime and reduced costs all over the world for more than 45 years. Their automatic lubrication, oil management, and active safety systems have become indispensable in the transportation, construction, earthmoving, mining industry and agricultural equipment industries. Active in the B2B world they sell products via both OEM and the after-market. Thanks to the more than 30 company-owned branches in over 20 countries they are able to offer class-leading support to local customers while offering additional comfort to the machine operator.


Situation Analysis and Challenges

In order to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the global sales force, the sales management team at Groeneveld needed to gain insight into team activities and territory coverage. In order to do this, the company was seeking a tool that integrated with Salesforce.


Business Challenges Salesforce Maps Solves

Team Management and Coaching

Sales managers at Groeneveld use Salesforce Maps to gain deep insight into rep activities, opportunity follow-up and compare this information against previous time periods. This visibility allows them to provide coaching (where needed) and enables them to make better decisions about territory coverage, which eventually leads to the overriding objective of increased sales efficiency and results.

Territory Planning and Management

When territories change or reps depart – Groeneveld managers can quickly reassign thousands of accounts and opportunities at once using Salesforce Maps' Mass Action feature. This saves time and allows them to focus on more important tasks such as sales coaching and employee onboarding.

Added Benefits

Data Visualization, Sales Efficiency, Strategic Planning, Territory Management.

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