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About Herff Jones, A Varsity Achievement Brand

Indianapolis-based Herff Jones is the leading provider of graduation, achievement and educational products and services designed to inspire achievement and create memorable experiences for young people. A division of Varsity Brands, Herff Jones’ products include class rings and jewelry, yearbooks, motivation and recognition tools. Focused on building long-term relationships, the professionals at Herff Jones have been helping elevate the student experience and celebrate academic milestones for nearly 95 years.


Situation Analysis

The sales management team at Herff Jones, A Varsity Achievement Brand, was spending a lot of time on territory management, configuration and realignment.

Making changes to existing territories was challenging as there were lots of different variables to consider. Starting with a list in a database did not lend itself to a visual approach and required a great deal of trial and error. Other factors such as account volume, the size of schools and school district configurations also added to the complexity. 


Business Challenges Salesforce Maps Solves

Salesforce Maps was initially purchased to aid sales management. However, it has also provided value to the marketing team and Salesforce administrator.

Territory Management

Prior to Salesforce Maps, Herff Jones team members exported data from Excel and uploaded it to Microsoft MapPoint. Maps were printed out and changes were proposed and discussed. Today, the data visualization provided by Salesforce Maps enables the team to see the significance of changing certain criteria and variables. It also allows for the simple comparison of contiguous territories, overlapping accounts and multiple account owners in a single school district.

Herff Jones has even created a “module” for managers to run different scenarios and see how each plays out on the map. The sales management team can review changes collaboratively and ultimately make more informed decisions because they can also compare associated data, volume, account make-up, etc.

Effective Marketing Campaigns

The marketing team uses Salesforce Maps to create highly targeted campaigns. For email outreach to school advisers, Salesforce Maps' boundary feature is leveraged to delineate time zones and ensure emails hit inboxes just before the start of the school day. The mass action functionality also enables the team to add thousands of prospects to a Salesforce campaign in seconds.

Events also play a key role in building bridges with school advisers. Salesforce Maps enables the team to plot an event venue on the map and use a proximity circle to identify the school advisers within a 200-mile radius. The advisers are then added to the Salesforce email campaign with a simple mass update from within the map. Creating invitation lists for events is now a streamlined process without any guesswork.

Streamlining Administrative Tasks in Salesforce

Salesforce Maps is truly a map-centric user interface for Salesforce. The Salesforce Administrator at Herff Jones saves time by making mass record updates in one click using the mass action functionality.




90 Percent Reduction in Time Spent on Territory Alignment

The sales management team is able to execute territory changes in 10 percent of the time that they used to set aside for the task. They now have more time to concentrate on more high value tasks, which will impact the bottom line and the results of their efforts are yielding a higher quality result.

Sales Touches All Accounts

Data visualization has also allowed Herff Jones to safeguard against prospects going untouched (because they are no longer owned solely by someone in a sales capacity).

Increased Marketing ROI

Timing is everything and Salesforce Maps enables Herff Jones to get emails in front of key school personnel at the most opportune time – before school begins in the morning.

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