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About InVine

InVine is a cloud platform used by restaurants to optimize revenue generation on their highest margin products: wine and liquor. InVine provides automated pricing, a large product database and a digital wine list.

The InVine platform replaces outdated and complex wine list spreadsheet files, pricing formulas and printing issues. It saves restaurant managers and sommeliers about half an hour per day, increases wine spend more than ‚Äč15% and drives customer satisfaction up.


Business Challenges

  • InVine needed a way to quickly view prospects, customers and sales
  • Their sales team needed a map view of this data to prioritize schedules
  • In the past, team members had to manually (one by one) add prospects and sales data to a Google Map


InVine needed a way to view this data and optimize schedules in a shorter amount of time. Salesforce Maps enables them to get a map view of all of their sales data inside of Salesforce and without having to plot the data individually. With Salesforce Maps, the InVine team is able to prioritize their accounts and optimize schedules while also making stronger sales pitches by showing their nearby customers on a map in real time.

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