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About Legion Brewing

Legion Brewing Company was born fom the ethos that sharing good beer with friends is one of life's great pleasures.  Its goal is to a constant uniting force of community and great beer here in Plaza Midwood and the greater Charlotte, NC area. 

Our beer honors this standard as well; embracing our sense of place here in the Carolinas and the diversity and warmth and pride of home from this unique neighborhood.  We are driven to push the boundaries of making innovative brews that taste of those inflluences.  We do this using seasonally available, local Carolina and American ingredients in both traditional and innovative ways. 

Situation Analysis

All customer and prospect data at Legion Brewery sits inside Salesforce, its customer relationship management platform.  The sales team did not have an efficient way to visualize their accounts and prospects and this impacted overall productivity. 

The company needed a mapping tool for their Salesforce data to ensure all accounts were touched regularly and time in the field was as productive as possible. 


Legion Brewery's distribution and sales teams leverage Salesforce Maps to drive productivity. 

Increased Productivity in the Field

Sales reps use Salesforce Maps each morning to plan out their day to ensure they are visiting the most accounts possible.  Dynamic marker layers show reps their leads alongside their accounts - all on the same map. 

This enables them to schedule appointments with accounts as well as with leads that are close by. Reps also color code by Last Activity to ensure all accounts and leads are being taken care of and no one is being neglected.  While in the field, reps can access Salesforce Maps on their mobile devices to find nearby prospects (if an appointment gets cancelled).

Streamlining Delivery

The distribution team uses Salesforce Maps for route building too.  This ensures they deliver kegs to customers as quickly as possible using the most efficient route.  It is easy to naviagate from account to account using Salesforce Maps turn by turn directions from any mobile device. 


"As a result of Salesforce Maps, I get more face time with my clients, accounts and leads.  I never worry that someone hasn't been touched recently and is getting overlooked.  I have everything right there in front of me so my time in the field is as efficient and productive as possible."

- James Rutledge, Sales Rep. at Legion Brewing

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