About Lunchr

Created in France in 2017, Lunchr’s mission is simple - to make lunch breaks a pleasant, simple and happy moment. Lunchr is a new player for digital meal vouchers, each employee using the offering has a Lunchr Mastercard® which allows them to pay for their lunch in over 180k restaurants in France.

Lunchr is disrupting the meal voucher business by offering a completely digitised card alongside an easy-to-use app. Employees can order meals together, gain access to discounts and pay separately, all within the Lunchr app. All they the need to do is pick up the prepared food to avoid long lunchtime queues.

The team at Lunchr believes that lunch time in any company is way more than just a payment; it’s an opportunity to share and have great moments between colleagues.



The Field Sales team spend a majority of their day visiting potential restaurants to sign up to their app, as well as companies to use their app amongst their employees. They needed technology that would allow them to be efficient, visit more clients in a single day, and ultimately save them time throughout their day.

Lunchr was signing restaurants up to their platform initially, but noticed that they weren’t receiving as many orders as they’d anticipated using the meal voucher cards. They needed a platform that would give them visibility and insight into customer behaviour so they could analyze and understand their customer habits.


Why MapAnything

Local presence was extremely important when selecting MapAnything. With MapAnything’s EMEA team being close by, Lunchr was able to implement MapAnything easily and get the support they needed within a sufficient and effective time frame.

MapAnything was extremely easy to implement and for my team members to understand. The availability of the MapAnything team and the local presence was really important to us.
Andie Camara
Head of Sales, Lunchr

Originally it was just the Field Sales team using MapAnything to plan their territories, schedule their routes for the day, and even utilize MapAnything’s Click2Create button to create leads directly from their mobile devices whilst out on the road. With a high turnover of restaurants in Paris, being able to keep on top of new ones opening and creating leads easily and efficiently, and adding this to their route, is extremely important! The Lunchr team also now uses MapAnything with Salesforce within their Inside Sales team to understand their customers habits and how they behaved - this provides vital information when anticipating demand and understanding which restaurants the Field team needs to target and visit taking into consideration proximity to their clients.

Being native within the Salesforce platform is hugely beneficial to the Field Sales team. Previously, they were doubling up on work by writing leads and activities on paper to then get back in the office and put into Salesforce. Sales executives can now enter activities and Click2Create leads whilst out in the field or in meetings directly on their phone whilst on-the-go. This unique features saves valuable time, increases activity, and potential leads and sign-ups.



Lunchr has seen the teams using MapAnything with Salesforce are saving significant amounts of time, have a much better understanding of their territories and how to optimize them. Everyone is more productive.

Location is really important to us - we’re able to target all the right establishments in the most effective way possible.
Andie Camara
Head of Sales, Lunchr
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