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About Make-A-Wish® Australia

Make-A-Wish® is the largest wish granting charity in the world, creating life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Working with sick kids, their families and medical teams, each wish is carefully planned, designed and delivered in a way that best compliments a child’s medical treatment. Currently there are around 700 families on a Wish Journey in Australia.

Why Salesforce Maps?

“How can we better view our regions and understand our gaps?”
Since Make-A-Wish® began operating in Australia in 1985, more than 10,000 wishes have been granted. The organisation has around 1,200 incredible volunteers participating via almost 60 community branches Australia-wide, with national headquarters in Melbourne.

As a result of Make-A-Wish® Australia’s broad reach and reliance on volunteer participation, they needed a way to better view regions, and the people within them, to understand and pinpoint any potential gaps. This included gaps across the regional coverage, but also volunteer constraints and recruitment needs to ensure they could provide an unforgettable wish experience to every family.

After searching through Salesforce Partners and other third-party mapping solutions, Make-A-Wish® realised the need for a fully integrated, single platform solution for territory/region design down through field implementation.

Ease of use was a major factor for our decision to use Salesforce Maps; however we were also looking for something that integrated well with Salesforce, so that we didn’t need to build an integration with a third party tool.
Liz Incigneri
Head of Digital Technology Programmes, Make-A-Wish® Australia

How does Make-A-Wish® Australia utilise Salesforce Maps?

Data-Driven Decision-Making
Data visualisation has allowed the team to identify trends on where wish families are located to make more informed decisions for Volunteer outreach. This has allowed Make-A-Wish® Australia to:

  1. Better align existing regions in a fair and effective manner,

  2. Better target marketing efforts to drive volunteer participation where necessary, and

  3. Better serve wish families within identified densely populated regions.


Gap Identification
Almost immediately after implementing Salesforce Maps, the team was able to identify a number of gaps within their regions. Once identified, Make-A-Wish® Australia was able to quickly determine which of their branches need the highest amount of attention regarding recruitment and realign appropriately. The team was also able to use this data to develop a process moving forward and prioritise efforts.


Volunteer Coordination
Team members within the Volunteer Programmes, Wish Services, and Community Fundraising teams all using Salesforce Maps for volunteer coordination. Specifically, Make-A-Wish® Australia teams are able to more easily locate particular information on the map-centric interface view to analyse data for a particular area or branch. Using this data, teams can quickly identify where Volunteers are able to assist with new opportunities that arise and reach out appropriately.


Better Allocation of Resources
After implementing Salesforce Maps, Make-A-Wish® Australia has been able to better allocate resources with a more complete breakdown of their regions and create new ways to get Volunteers out to their wish families as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, the team has been able to start in-depth data analyses to make more informed decisions and identify an obstacle before it negatively impacts operations.


Increased Adoption
Make-A-Wish® Australia maintains a 100% adoption of Salesforce Maps licenses and an increased use of Salesforce. Users have been able to identify the value to their specific job function and very quickly and easily engage with Salesforce Maps.

We are finding each new user onboarded to Salesforce Maps is delighted by the functionality and visibility that it provides them. They are excited to look at their data in new ways to help us improve.
Liz Incigneri
Head of Digital Technology Programmes, Make-A-Wish® Australia
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