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Oral Roberts University

About Oral Roberts University

Founded to educate the whole person - spirit, mind and body - Oral Roberts University (ORU) promises a thorough education in the context of a vibrant Christ-centered community. ORU is a place for advancing knowledge, pursuing intellectual discovery, and building life-long friendships in a vibrant campus community.

ORU offers more than 77 undergraduate majors, as well as 14 master's-level programs and 3 doctoral degrees. Faculty members educated at the nation's top graduate schools serve as academic, professional and spiritual mentors to students.

ORU continues to redefine what it means to be a leading Christian university by embracing a globalized format at home and abroad. The Tulsa, OK, campus is home to students from all 50 U.S. states and over 100 nations. ORU and its students also deliver the Whole Person distinctive to all inhabited regions through distance learning, study abroad, educational partnerships, missions and outreach work, all anchored in a Christian worldview.


How could ORU use data visualization to streamline their recruitment efforts?

ORU prides itself on attracting students who wish to pursue a Christian life and further their service abroad. As such, ORU was initially looking for a solution that would streamline their recruitment travel planning schedules, but also help them effectively recruit from areas in which their “hottest” prospects, as indicated by Salesforce, were located around the nation and around the world.

ORU has several different departments involved in their recruitment process - Enrollment Counselors in Admissions, International Admissions Representatives, and Admissions Marketing & Communications teams all needed to easily see and access the same data to align their efforts.

Both the Enrollment Counselors in Admissions and the International Admissions Representatives both needed a way to view their recruitment prospects around the world, within their assigned regions of travel or territory. The ability to effectively plan how to tackle face-to-face recruitment meetings was essential to ensure efficient use of their time.

Additionally, the Admissions Marketing & Communications teams needed to craft the appropriate pieces and outreach plans to support the staff during their efforts domestically, and abroad. They also needed a way to reach potential students surrounding a recruitment event.


Why Salesforce Maps?

Oral Roberts University chose Salesforce Maps, because the platform could perfectly support all the various requirements they had:

  1. Ease of use for the Counselors as they are the primary staff using the product. Counselors are responsible for scheduling their recruitment trips, as well as recruiting students within assigned regions, so a product that is easy-to-use, intuitive, and mobile was paramount for their success.
  2. Cost-sensitive for a Non-profit environment. Working within a non profit environment, ORU tends to be cost sensitive to tools that help streamline their efforts. The University needed to ensure the solution is going to cover all aspects, at a cost that works for a NPO.
  3. CRM Integration with Salesforce was critical to their decision as they wanted to take a data-driven approach to recruitment with the information already available to the University within their live environment.
From installation, onboarding, training and account outreach, Salesforce Maps makes it easy and I'm never at a loss if I need help. I'm continually impressed to see the product releases come available and better our uses along the way. We seem to be growing with the product and that's the best thing you hope for in a technology partner! Our experience has been incredible and our team thrives while using it!
Alison Vujnovic
Director of Enrollment, Oral Roberts University

How does Oral Roberts University utilize Salesforce Maps?

Efficient Planning and Route Optimization

  • Now, team members are able to effectively find their prospects, plot events, and scout possible event venues all during a single trip.
  • Enrollment Counselors and International Admissions Representatives use Salesforce Maps to plan their travel and recruitment initiatives in their designated territories.
  • Salesforce Maps gives ORU a live look into how students are engaging with the University, which builds time into schedules and allows Counselors and Reps to optimize trips along the way in order to to reach the right people.

Prospecting and Outreach

  • Marketing and Communications Managers use Salesforce Maps to craft outreach material, such as targeted ads or direct mail, to advertise in the area prior to a Counselor or Rep arriving to meet with prospects.
  • Current student data is used to showcase to prospective students where current students are from around the world.
  • Counselors and Reps are able to plot density and demographic data as to now overlook areas with increased.

Automating Routine Tasks

  • Salesforce Maps streamlined ORU's recruitment travel efforts, ultimately cutting down on hours spent creating personalized itineraries.
  • Accurate travel and reimbursement costs are calculate on-the-go for the Finance Department.
  • Counselors are able to cut down on planning time and create shorter, more optimized trips in order to spend less time away from their families and home life.
  • Optimized routing and outlined itinerary enables reps to justify their travel expense for recruitment purposes.



After implementing Salesforce Maps, Oral Roberts University has:

  • Increased applications and admitted students.
  • Streamlined hot prospect designations to perform more effective outreach campaigns.
  • Increased productivity and eliminated strict paperwork guidelines with automated tasks and optimized routing.
Salesforce Maps has become a one stop shop for our needs. It finds our prospects, then helps us to plot our events and locate possible venues to host events during our travel. Salesforce Maps then optimizes our journey and outlines the entire itinerary acceptable to submit to our finance office for justification of our trip - down to the detail of the weather expected and even the new student applications that are coming through within the area we intend to travel to in order to show genuine interest in our University. Salesforce Maps answers all of our questions before we head out on the road and the team loves using it because it's fun and easy!
Alison Vujnovic
Director of Enrollment, Oral Roberts University
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