About Parata

Parata provides technology solutions to support coordinated care, better health outcomes, and lower medical costs, empowering pharmacists to grow their businesses. Founded in 2001, the Durham-based company is a brand trusted by more than 12,000 pharmacies and a growing number of global health care professionals serving diverse patient populations.

Through Parata, pharmacists can leverage a combination of high-tech tools and workflows to create more time to counsel patients, identify and avoid medication interactions, encourage adherence, and more. We have filled more than 2.5 billion prescriptions, helping pharmacists avoid an estimated 15 million medication errors.


Situation Analysis

Parata needed a tool that could visualize Salesforce data and help the sales team with route planning while prospecting.

Prior to using MapAnything, Parata was exporting Salesforce data and uploading it to a third party mapping platform.


Business Challenges MapAnything Solves

Data Visualization

Parata uses MapAnything to plot leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities and assets. This enables sales team members to identify high value prospects to call on when they are traveling.

Route Planning and Schedule Optimization

Sales team members use MapAnything for prospecting trips.

Expense Reports

Sales team members use the mileage reporting in MapAnything for expense reports.

Sales Productivity

Sales people leverage the mass action functionality to create tasks, and add multiple contacts to a campaign at once.

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