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A self-prescribed product engagement platform, Pendo was established in 2013 and built from the ground up. The company's primary goal since its inception has been to better understand for themselves, and help businesses around the world better understand, what truly drives a product’s success. The solution Pendo provides to accomplish this awareness is two-fold. First, their platform helps clients to determine how their own customers interact with their product while capturing the analytics behind their behavior. Then, once the data has been collected and studied, Pendo empowers their clients with the tools to impact their customers’ behavior, essentially enabling them to re-create the scenarios that encourage more positive product interaction. The end result for Pendo’s clients is higher NPS scores, and ultimately, a more superior product.

Situation Analysis and Challenges

In the beginning, as Pendo was developing and gaining traction in the marketplace, the opportunities they sought out were rather limited. However, when the company began to experience rapid growth, they realized the huge prospecting potential and exponential value in attending industry conferences and events.

“At that point, when we sponsored an event we really did a poor job of capitalizing upon the full potential of the situation and weren’t able to book as many client meetings as we could,” explained Chas Scarantino, VP of Sales at Pendo. “This was a big challenge for us and we realized we needed to find some sort of mapping solution to assist us geographically to really taking advantage of collecting and nurturing as many leads as possible when we travel.”

Pendo was using Salesforce as their company-wide CRM. Almost every department had adopted the tool and would use it on a daily basis. The Sales Team served as the primary users, but it expanded from there to the Product Department and even to the Executive Suite who began to rely on it heavily for forecasting. When Pendo began searching for a mapping solution they new it would need to integrate seamlessly with all their current business processes in Salesforce.



“Our Sales Operations team had used Salesforce Maps previously, so when we we began our search for the right mapping tool, Salesforce Maps was naturally one of our first considerations,” Scarantino said. “We conducted a precursory evaluation of apps across the marketplace, but found that since we wanted a solution that could easily integrate with our Salesforce, the best choice was Salesforce Maps."

With Salesforce Maps, Pendo was able to realize their complete geographic impact, as well as identify areas of immense opportunity and devise well-informed expansion plans.

Comprehensive Territory Planning

By plotting their customer distribution and their opportunities, Pendo was able to better ascertain where their largest new business potential lies, while planing on which territories to fortify and concentrate.

More Efficient Prospecting and Lead Generation

Salesforce Maps has streamlined the lead generation process at Pendo. Now, when they attend conferences and events they maximize customer meetings and are able to gather a substantial amount of leads to bring back to the sales team.



Company-wide Adoption and Collaboration

The Pendo team has taken easily to Salesforce Maps. When new employees are hired, part of their training is to become an expert at Salesforce Maps. To do this they utilize the resources and classes offered by Salesforce Maps On Demand Training, in addition to the extensive support materials offered on the Salesforce Maps' support hub.

Significant Time Savings

Not only has Salesforce Maps allowed the Pendo team to do their jobs more effectively, it has afforded them tremendous time savings. With automated processes and mass action capabilities right from the map, Pendo has been able to accomplish more with less.

“For me, and for Pendo, Salesforce Maps has been wildly successful,” Chas Scarantino concluded.

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