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Imagine a community where every animal has a loving home. That’s exactly the mission of The San Francisco SPCA; a non-profit organization with a vision to end animal abandonment. As the fourth oldest humane society in the U.S. and the founders of the No-Kill movement, the SF SPCA has always been at the forefront of animal welfare.

It’s tough to herd cats

Some of the group’s most important initiatives were growing quickly in response to popular demand and growing animal populations. For instance, employees in charge of the Community Cats program, which tracks populations of feral cats across the city, were struggling to maintain accurate visibility into the growing and shifting colonies through the use of complicated mapping systems, Excel spreadsheets and paper files. They followed similar processes for the expanding Community Cares program, which brings vital animal care to local neighborhoods. Plus, the number of volunteer foster families was growing, yet it was hard to visualize where fosters were available at any given time. Program leaders were at their wits end trying to keep track of thousands of cats, and mobile community care centers. Every time updates had to be made to the mapping software, the team would need to wait for developers to make the changes for them, a painfully slow process when program employees were out in the field trying to work in real-time.

The Solution

Salesforce Maps, via Salesforce, was able to integrate and visualize massive amounts of historical and real-time data to help the team better identify where their services are needed, and more efficiently deploy resources to assist.   

  • Efficiency Gains:   With the automated mapping capabilities, users could spend less time fighting with Excel spreadsheets and more time helping animals in local communities. 
  • Group Innovation: Users were hooked on Salesforce Maps' easy user interface. Because they were able to quickly grasp the power of geo-location, teams were excited to put the tool to use in more ways than originally planned. Users started suggesting different types of data to map, in an effort to improve their care. For instances, they now overlay data sets such as kitten populations and data about animal disease progression.
  • Powerful pictures: Prior to leveraging Salesforce Maps, the SF SPCA had a hard time conveying to board membership and city leadership the urgency posed by growing feral cat populations. Because the animals are stealthy and often go unseen during the day, they were considered out of sight out of mind.  With Salesforce Maps, SF SPCA was able to transform their collected data into a powerful visual, helping to secure support for the program.
Being able to show on a map all of the data that we’ve been collecting is really powerful!
John Karlo Torres
Salesforce Administrator

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