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With nearly 20 years of production experience under its belt, SOLARWATT GmbH ranks among the pioneers of the German solar-energy industry. What started in 1993 as a two-person company is now one of the nation's leading manufacturers of solar modules – a provider of intelligent energy solutions for both private and commercial uses.

The Dresden-based company has responded to the changes in the solar market by withdrawing completely from the mass market for solar modules. SOLARWATT now offers complete photovoltaic packages for decentralised heat and power supplies to residential customers and small businesses.


Where is everybody?

SOLARWATT was expanding into new territories, and the old way of seeing their customer just wasn't making the cut. Historically utilizing a VPN accessed database and more recently Google Maps, SOLARWATT realized they needed more than simple Excel files and Point A to Point B mapping. 

With a rapid expansion and a brand new Salesforce CRM in the works, SOLARWATT had to answer one question: Where is everybody?

When SOLARWATT was using Google Maps, it was hard to really see where their cases were and where their field reps would be at any given moment. Once they got all of their data into Salesforce, the company began searching for a way to better understand what was going on in each territory and better position sales reps by targeting higher revenue producing customers and prospects.

As SOLARWATT began researching mapping solutions, they realized having the ability to source new customers from a map, based on territory, would be paramount to a successful move into a location of things CRM system.

If you just continue to use over 50 Excel files, it's not clear what and where all the data is. That's why we decided we needed a new CRM and that's why we started the Salesforce. We needed to get all the information in one database and to manage our customer base and sales rep’s in the right way.
Sven Schwarz
Vice President of Sales Support

Why Salesforce Maps?

Once SOLARWATT made the switch to Salesforce, they were able to grow to around 5,000 customers throughout Europe. Salesforce Maps gave SOLARWATT the ability to source new customers in less saturated areas; manage both their B2C and B2B leads through custom object configuration; plan efficient routes in multiple territories to effectively manage their new, large customer base; and maintain a 360 degree view of their market, where to build PV plans, and what customers need the most support.

Before salesforce and Salesforce Maps, SOLARWATT had information in up to 50 different Excel files, but now, with precise location-driven data displayed on a single map within Salesforce, SOLARWATT can effectively manage their partners, estimate drive times required, find the correct installers, and utilize historical data to determine which products their customers are most interested in. 

With Salesforce Maps, we have one database and we're able to push a button and see all our customers. I can sort and prioritize customers, put them into different customer segments, and organize territories. It's really nice to have the ability to do some many different things with my data.
Felix Brauer
Area Sales Manager - Germany

How does SolarWatt utilize Salesforce Maps?

Territory Management

  • New sales reps are quickly onboarded through territory visualization and historic data analysis.
  • Top priority customers are easily viewed and prioritized via the map.
  • Areas for partner development and lead generation are identified and acted upon.

Optimized Routing

  • Proactive planning of large territories
  • Optimized routing to maximize number of prospects seen per day.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction with the ability to “stop in”, even for a short visit, if the rep is in the area using Salesforce Maps' area and perimeter features.

Deeper Customer Understanding

  • Visualization of customer needs within a specified area to identify any trends.
  • Localize their messaging by utilizing customer feedback within a certain area.
  • Dispatch and plan field service reps' schedule based on level of needs within each area. 
Sometimes the customer’s not there, or they forgot about the appointment. Salesforce Maps makes it so much easier because you can just find a new lead around you. You can just got there, say Hi, make that connection, and continue to build that new relationship that you wouldn't have gotten without Salesforce Maps.
Felix Brauer
Area Sales Manager - Germany


SOLARWATT quickly realized they needed a Mapping solution in addition to their Salesforce instance. After a quick implementation, SOLARWATT has been able to:

  • Reduce the fuel costs by 20%
  • Gain 10-15% more appointments per week
  • Grow their customer base to over 5,000
  • Maintained 100% adoption rate for all users 
Before [Salesforce Maps] it was just an excel sheet and a feeling, but now it's true visualization of what is really there, with revenue, with cases, with everything involved with the customer.
Sven Schwarz
Vice President of Sales Support
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