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As business strategist Peter Drucker once famously said, “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him/her and sells itself."  Stacey Robertson, head of the Stacey Robertson Group, a marketing and advertising agency in New York, embraces this advice.

Stacey explains, “When a client wants me to do marketing and advertising for them I’ll say, ‘That’s great but also let me delve into your business. Let me talk to the community. Let me find out what you can be doing to better service your community, to help your business get a leg up.’”    

The Stacey Robertson Group helps medical practices, doctors' offices and private practice owners to expand their patient bases. The first step the group takes with every client is to conduct first-hand research of the client’s patients and referral community to determine what the clients can do to improve their services. To undertake this phase properly, Stacey and her team conduct interviews with people in the community to understand their medical needs and desires.

In particular, patients and local support organizations said they wanted to have the option to hold video consultations with physicians, so that they could communicate with doctors from home rather than having to go into a doctor's office. So, Stacey conducted her own detailed research. “I started looking into the home care delivery program. And when I set out into the field and did home visits with the doctors I realized, ‘Wow. This is an incredible service. It’s incredible.’”

This service is particularly crucial for patients that are bedridden or homebound, and have a difficult time coming in to meet doctors in person. Stacey explains the serendipity of bringing her clients’ medical services out to the community through video conferencing: “If my job is to bring business to my clients then I want to look at where there’s a demand for their services. And the demand right now is in the home.”

Stacey wanted to find a technology solution that could sync maps to CRM data, and give all of her field reps access to up-to-date details in real time on their mobile devices. Salesforce Maps provided the the perfect, all-in-one platform she was looking for.

Salesforce Maps is Customizable

Stacey built Salesforce Maps around what she wants to see and what she wants her team to see when they’re in the field. With Salesforce Maps, her team can make visits on behalf of a doctor who gets referrals from other providers, and they can view real-time details about hours or location, photos of locations, task updates, background notes, history of prior visits, and other recent activity. At a glance, Stacey can now see all of the activity that her team has done, the results from that activity, so that she can easily synthesize those details and provide next steps to her clients.


Salesforce Maps Provides Process Automation

The Click2Create function auto-populates company name, website, street address and phone information directly from a map into CRM systems. This cuts down on data entry and enables Stacey’s team to easily add new prospects for her clients. Says Stacey of this functionality, “Click2Create is awesome. We had a problem where we’d be out in the field and we’d see a potential target for our client and it wasn’t in our map, so we couldn’t check in. with Salesforce Maps we’re adding the location into our Salesforce Maps right then and there. We do the check in, we take the picture, and it’s all in our system. This solved a huge problem.”

What does all of this add up to for Stacey’s clients and her business operations? With Salesforce Maps, Stacey’s team can now “plan their day the most efficient way to get their work done with the hours they have available...they’re really making the most of their time based on where they are.”

To learn more about Salesforce Maps' geo-productivity software schedule a demo today. Doctor’s orders.

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