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About Taylor University

Taylor University, founded in 1846, is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana with students, faculty and staff dedicated to living life together in a discipleship community. We continually engage in campus and community activities including long-standing traditions, community outreach, athletics, wing events, and more. In addition, 80% of our students travel abroad and 97% are employed or in grad school within 6 months of graduation. Also, for the last nine years U.S. News & World Report ranked Taylor the #1 regional college–Midwest. 


Situation Analysis and Challenges

At Taylor University, all student information is housed within Salesforce. The Admissions team uses Salesforce to monitor application progress, track test scores, and log all student and parent communication.

As a Christian liberal arts college located in Indiana, Taylor University is seeking a specific kind of student (one who has several Christian colleges in the region to select from). To be successful, it is critical for the Admissions team to be efficient when prospecting and focusing their efforts.

One crucial component for recruiting is participation in college fairs. Taylor receives hundreds of invitations to participate; however, strategic decisions need to be made from a budgetary and resource standpoint.

In the past, Taylor used word of mouth or how many students they met at the fair to gauge success, instead of how many of those students actually applied.

In 2015, the focus of Admission Officers became meeting with prospective students while they toured campus. As a result, a team of recruiters was hired to travel and represent the school at various regional events.



Taylor University relies on the data visualization and visual reporting provided by Salesforce Maps to make strategic decisions, boost team efficiency and pinpoint where to devote more time.

Identify Hot Spots

Student hot spots are easily identifiable using Salesforce Maps' heat map setting. These heat maps play a role in determining which college fairs to attend, which high schools to target and which lists to purchase.

Data Driven Decisions

Salesforce Maps enables the Admissions Team at Taylor University to discern what they can do better and enables them to pinpoint where to focus their efforts. It also provides insight into the admissions funnel.

See the Big Picture

Admissions Officers plot a marker layer in Salesforce Maps that shows the hometowns for current students (markers are color coded by class year). This gives them insight into the end result of their recruiting efforts.

Detailed Student Information

While seeing the bigger picture is important, Admissions Officers also need to be able to drill down and see specific student data (such as high school, church affiliation). Salesforce Maps enables data from eight Salesforce fields to be displayed on the map.

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