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East Sussex Highways Success Story

In January 2016, Costain and CH2M announced a joint venture and secured the East Sussex Highways project. The project involved the design, management and maintenance of over 2,000 miles of highways.

Challenge: The field team needed a way to access, update and optimize their daily schedules and assigned case records. In addition, database hygiene presented an obstacle and often produced duplicate cases.

Geo-productivity Results:

  • More Efficient Routing
  • Elimination of Duplicate Cases
  • Reduced “Aborted” Visits

Pendo Success Story

Pendo is a self-prescribed product engagement platform, built from the ground up here in North Carolina. The company's primary goal has been to help businesses around the world better understand what truly drives a product’s success.

Challenge: As the company grew, they began to realize the prospecting potential in attending industry conferences and events. As such, they needed an effective way to determine which events to attend and then schedule meetings with clients once they were at an event.

Geo-productivity Results:

  • Comprehensive Territory Planning
  • More Efficient Lead Generation
  • Significant Time Savings

Young Audiences Success Story

Motivated by their goal of inspiring learning through the arts, Young Audiences connects visual artists, actors, literary artists, and musicians with classroom teachers to expose kids to many different kinds of art forms.

Challenge: The team needed an efficient way to collaborate amongst themselves and community figureheads, so they could efficiently turn multiple meetings into one, freeing up time for the team to work on other crucial tasks.

Geo-productivity Results:

  • Accelerated Fundraising Efforts
  • More Efficient Use of Resources
  • Data Presentation that Accommodates Visual Learners
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