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About Valvoline

For more than 150 years Valvoline™ has been on the leading edge of motor oil technology and is a worldwide producer and distributor of premium branded automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants, and automotive chemicals. Valvoline ranks as the #2 quick-lube chain by number of stores and #3 passenger car motor oil brand in the DIY market by volume in the United States.


Valvoline helps the squeaky wheel get the grease and enables car drivers to rev up their engines. The former lead company of Ashland's Consumer Markets Segment (CMS produced all manner of automotive lubricants and fluids, motor oil and transmission fluids being only the most ubiquitous) Valvoline's products are sold in 140 countries. In the US and Canada Valvoline products are sold in through 30,00 retail outlets. Valvoline Instant Oil Change operates 1,100 Valvoline centers across the US. The company also offers automotive cleaning products under the Eagle One brand name. Ashland spun off Valvoline in a September 2016 IPO.


How can we gain more visibility?

Valvoline operates close to 1,100 different stores across the United States, with a sales team upwards of 40 individuals in differing territories.

Valvoline's Sales Team needed to answer a critical growth question: What is our business landscape?

Valvoline needed to ensure they were selling new accounts and expanding current product lines with existing customers in order to continue growing at a set pace. They needed to gain more visibility into the Quick Lube landscape in the United States. Knowing where those stores were located, what the primary competitors were in each market, who owns them, and how they relate geographically to stores that Valvoline currently owns was critical to balancing territories, knowing how to position products and services, and maintaining a positive customer experience.

With Salesforce Maps I can plot every opportunity or account I want. And then I can say 'Ok, based on the number of opportunities and the number of accounts in a given zone, how many sales people will it take to effectively cover that'? Our territories are getting optimized simply because of our visibility into what's there is increasing. It's made us much more efficient.
Director of Quick Lube Sales

Why Salesforce Maps?

Valvoline first came to Salesforce Maps from a recommendation from Interstate Batteries, a partner of Valvoline. Lead by Mike Murphy, Valvoline began doing research into how they could truly understand the landscape of their business which is when conversations with Salesforce Maps really took off.

Valvoline has been using Salesforce since 2007, so a seamless integration with their existing Salesforce data was paramount. There was only one problem, Valvoline had little to no experience utilizing LoT mapping technology. However, Salesforce Maps was up for the challenge - scheduling several 1-2 hour training sessions with key people and other leaders, as well as initiating web-based training for remote employees and ongoing training.

After training and implementation, Valvoline hit the ground running and increased their overall Salesforce adoption through visualization of their data.

When you put something on a map, and have colors or logos, it's much more impressive and it's much easier when you're trying to build a story and talk to customers. It's amazing when you start [visualizing data] because you can show things and help your reps become more profitable by seeing more accounts. That's what set Salesforce Maps different from the other tools that might be out there.
Mike Murphy
Manager of Process Improvement

How does Valvoline utilize Salesforce Maps?

Prospecting and Lead Generation

  • Prequalify before going into the marketplace for increased effectiveness.
  • Generate more leads and find nearby prospects with proximity circles.
  • Automate entry tasks using Click2Create to input a new lead in seconds.

Existing Account Management

  • Maintain a 360 degree view of their customers to upsell and introduce new products.
  • Fill schedule gaps due to prospect cancellations to create a better customer service for Valvoline partners.
  • Optimize pre-planned schedules to hit as many existing customer accounts as efficiently as possible.

Understand Competitive Landscape

  • Find where competitor stores are located, who owns them, and how they relate to geographically to Valvoline's stores.
  • See more customers to ensure they presenting and selling their products effectively in certain zones.
  • Target undersaturated territories with high volumes of competitors to increase brand awareness and promotion.



After implementing Salesforce Maps, Valvoline has:

  • Seen a 60% improvement in sales effectiveness
  • Increased their daily call volume from 10 to 12
  • Maintains a 98% license adoption rate

These results translate to more business, more profit, and further growth for the 150 year old, national company. 

So a typical day, I'm going to have a route already planned from the night before. I'm going to be hitting key accounts that I scheduled meetings for and absolutely have the ability to hit more stops. If I'm sitting down, eating lunch, I can search how many Goodyear accounts are around me, how many dealerships are around me using the points of interest functions, and I'll absolutely make my time more efficient when I'm scouting for new business.
Aaron Haley
Regional Account Manager
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